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 2nd July 1945  9th July 1945  23rd July 1945
 3rd August 1945  9th August 1945  15th August 1945
*  21st August 1945 *
I told Keith you would double whatever he saved.
He said he will save a pound but don't get alarmed, he won't save that much.
July 2nd l945

Sheila and Michael have gone to be and Keith is playing with John Saunders and it's started raining once more. It is cold again. I've got some cabbage plants that want resetting but as I've been for treatment today and they have made it sore in an awkward spot, I don't feel much like gardening so the rain has saved me. Keith and Sheila have a piece of cardboard on some string, you know to make a saw and while I was getting Michael ready Sheila made her's go for the first time. Your should have seen her face as she stood there in her pyjamas her eyes glued on the cardboard and every time she pulled he hands apart her knees bent and she was saying ' Oh mammy look me can do it, Keith don't know, me can but me can can't me mammy' all in one breath. She has taken it upstairs with her but I hope she is asleep before Keith gets into bed.

I was pleased to get your letter on Saturday. I see you have put on a bit of weight. Did I tell you I have even added another two pounds making me Ten stones stripped. You say yours is lack of exercise but I think I get my share.. Mam received your letter OK. I shall try to see her tomorrow and hope to find she is better for her holiday. Your credits are mounting love. Did you have you rise in May ?

It looks as if we shall be getting the house painted in another month as I saw a chap about it on Sunday. He was recommended to me so I'm giving Parry the air. He never bothered to answer my letter. Keith has just come in and turning the place upside down as usual so I'd better break off and get him off to bed. He makes my head go round in circles 

Well love, that's Keith off and now we can sit back and talk except that I've been following the serial that is on the wireless at the moment but I will try and do both things at once.
I took Keith to see the Doctor about new glasses. He said he doesn't need the lenses changing and he thought he could manage with the same frame for another six months or until his daddy came home.

I have had the paper to vote by proxy for you, love, but haven't any number for you now. I hear the troops in Italy are able to vote for themselves. Have you done so ? In Leicester we have, Janner, Labour, Kirby, Liberal and Nicholson, Conservative so I'm wondering if he was called back early off leave. 

Winnie S had a son on June 26th weighing 9 lbs 1½oz. She seemed pleased and said Arthur was thrilled about it.  I want to get Sheila's room distempered this week. things seem in such a mess in Leicester. Half are on holiday and half not. and next week some shops will be closed    and the Post Office is closing.  I don't think the change in holiday has been very successful. I am impatiently waiting for that letter saying you are on your way home and know the kiddies will be pleased to see this wonderful daddy. You will have a lot to live up to ! Hope you don't find it too hard. I wish we had a garden hut, a good big one so they could have fun in it on wet days besides to store the tools, bikes etc.

I bought a pair of flannelette sheets and a coat and a breechettes set for Michael from Lewis's last week as they were a bargain thanks to Ethel's knowledge. We shall be putting the clocks back in another fortnight then we shall be thinking of the lonely winter again. Well love, I guess it's time to get the cheese out and to say goodnight once more. All my love dear, God bless you and keep you safe until that happy day.

 I have got to get cracking with the dinner soon, corned beef and gooseberry and raspberry pie.

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9th July 1945

I had V54 and V55 on Saturday after a week without a letter owing to the voting. Did you get a vote yourself love. I had one for you and did as you wished. I wonder if we've backed the right horse. I see the new release system put you in a grumpy mood. Me too ! I felt as if I wanted to go and get drunk and disorderly in protest and wondered if it was worth trying to carry on. Another year seems almost unbearable and no sign of leave yet. The B.L.A. are very fortunate if only they knew it. I think it's about time the army authorities used a bit more discretion.

I had a very busy week last week. Monday I had a general clear up of clothes and bits of toys and spent the afternoon as usual having my sun bath. Tuesday I distempered the little room, painted the skirting board, cleaned and polished the room and put Lilians bed up. I was quite pleased with it. Wednesday I washed the curtains then I had a letter from Ethel saying how ill Mam was on the Sat. ( She went to London last week). It made me a bit worried although I know what she is so I hurried round after dinner and went to see Mam. There's not much time with Keith coming home from school. I thought she looked better although she said she didn't feel well and their holiday wasn't very enjoyable but I think it was travelling for seven hours that really made her feel weak. Her and dad came to see me yesterday and she looked much better.


They went on the paddle boats at Humberstone park, half an hour for threepence, had two bottles of lemonade, went back to Noras about five, had their tea and then went to the allotment with Alf and let some fireworks off, had a twopenny lollipop and came home at eight o'clock quite pleased with himself. Mabel said she daren't have let he kids go but I knew Keith could get the right tramcars ( he knows all the numbers and where they go) and the boating isn't in deep water there but I wonder how you would have felt.

I see your memory failed you twice again in your last letter. You said let Glad have the cot, it's Winnie that wants it and you also said Percy has got to have another packet overseas and he's never been out of England before. He came to see me yesterday morning and said he expected to go over tomorrow to Germany. I asked him if he thought you men could settle down to a homelife again when they had finished with you and he said he had settle alright the last fortnight he had been home and hoped his group (21) wouldn't be too long. He is well and thought that you looked fine and fat on the snaps. I wished him a happy holiday on his Cook's tour and told him to keep sober

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23rd JULY 1945 

Dear Eric,

Well love I'm pleased to say   I feel much better this week and hope I haven't worried you too much. I've lost quite a lot of my energy and don't seem to have much heart for working. This will be the third week the beds haven't been changed. My neighbours are doing the children's clothes and Ethel is keeping the dust down.

Keith has been up to all sorts of tricks. He was pestering me for ice cream at 7.30 on Friday and I told him he could have one Saturday afternoon when he went to the pictures. I sent him for some chips for supper and gave him 2/-. He came back with them and said he had had a sixpenny ice cream. Not only that but he had waited in the queue for a threepenny one but they had sold out before his turn came. It was my money but he said I could take it out of his.

Saturday he went to the pictures, took half a crown out of his drawer and came back with ½d. 6d pictures,9d, icecreams, two 3d lollipops, (frozen water with colour added) 6d pieces of paper,1½d cardboard and he could not account for the rest. It's time someone took him in hand. I've taken all his money from him yet he can be helpful when he likes.

I'd better get some dinner ready. We have had some French beans. They were grand. I haven't gone off my food. I managed to get some plums, apples and tomatoes this weekend so we have mugged ourselves. We can only hope one of these days you will be coming up Barton Road, Until then all my love to you,

Your loving wife and family.

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3rd August 1945 

Dear Eric,

Well love it's been a glorious day and I thought I'd better get a letter off to you. It's so still and warm, just the kind of night I know we would enjoy walking along the seafront.

I went for treatment on Monday and saw the Doctor on Wednesday. He wished me every success and was pleased with my arm. He asked me to continue treatment when I felt I could stand it. I should have gone on Thursday but after I got back on Wednesday I felt done in and woke up on Thursday feeling the same.

I only went down to Mabels on Wednesday night. I hadn't enough energy to go far. I went with Evelyn to a dance at the Corn Exchange the week before and it did me good although I was a bit nervy over the first dance for so many years but we got through it and had a few laughs.

I feel a bit better today as I've took things a bit steady. Lillian came to see me on Tuesday and brought Shirley and Mary. She said Dick was well and she hoped to have him home about October. She has put some weight on since Dick went. I think it must suit us to be without husbands.

I  have sent a birthday card off tonight. It's not too good as there is such a poor selection. I was pleased to get your letter today. I thought I had thanked you for the Capri pictures. Talking of Capri, when we went to the dance the band was playing 'it was on the Isle of Capri'

The small abcess which healed some time ago has broken out again. I think I should be better off without that leg !

I told Keith you would double whatever he saved. He said he will save a pound but don't get alarmed, he won't save that much.

Well love, it's 10.30 and I feel tired. Ethel hasn't come home yet but I think I shall get off to bed. I bet Agnes will get all het up when you come home. She keeps saying it won't be long. Well love, I have to go to bed. God bless you love. Let's hope and pray that it won't be long before you are back where you belong.

All our love to you your loving wife, Olive and family, Keith, Sheila and Michael.

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9th August 1945 

I was pleased to get your letter this morning. I see that you have had no news to tell me yet. Dr. Mann's letter was sent to the Welfare Officer. I have been for treatment today but I feel very irritable at the moment. It has been a very dull wet day and I think that the family have got on me a bit, Michael has such a piping insistent voice, I could crown him. We have run out of bread and Keith is that blinking awkward and it wasn't until I said that I would go myself that he said he would go, he doesn't like me to leave them in alone. I begin to think we must have spoilt him in earlier days. Sheila and Michael are trying to catch flies in fish paste jars so they are peaceful until Keith comes back.

Many happy returns of yesterday love. I hope the card arrived in time. I was going to send some cigs but thought I'd better wait to see how things went before I sent them. I heard that Stan Oldham had finished his journey by air but hadn't heard if he's home yet.

We went to the pictures last night and saw 'They Were Sisters' very good it was too. I took Michael on Monday afternoon as Sheila had gone with Ethel and Keith had gone to Switherland with Mrs. S. I went into town with Mabel on Wednesday morning (harry had the family) to buy Sheila's utility bed and bedding. We came through the market and the wine shop was open which is not very often so we nipped in for an odd one (2/6 each). As your mother said, money doesn't go far these days. 

I'll get Sheila and Michael off now, I've had several interruptions already. I've just put their pyjamas on and am waiting for their milk to warm. They are having a fight, a friendly one. Well love that's that, Keith has come in and I've got him off as well. Michael is sleeping with Keith tonight, he's always banging his head on the wall in the single bed. I'd love you to see Sheila as she is a lovely golden brown colour . At present they all have head colds but need you wonder. Last weekend was enough to roast and now you could wear a topcoat with ease.

I pickled the shallots yesterday. There were five jars so you had better not be too long. The painter has not arrived yet. It wouldn't have been much use anyway with the weather. 

They seem to be moving to Naples. Do you think you will have to go, it seems a poor sort of place or so some of the chaps say who have been there (No not to me love, I don't fraternise). Did you hear the Imperial band from Humberstone park the other night on the wireless. I wondered if you were listening. What do you think about the new bomb love, it's terrible really and makes you hope and pray that there will never be any more wars, this one has been bad enough but if there was another I can hardly bear to think of the suffering it would bring.

Anne has had a bitter disappointment this week. Percy went back off leave and was hoping to be demobilised this week and now he said orders have come through ordinary ratings group 8.18 by September, but telegraphists only 8 group out this month. It makes you wonder what the government has been up to and why they haven't trained men to take the place of a fellow who has done 6 years service and is 42 years of age. She is very upset about it and he is too. His group is 11.

We have been having storms lately and that Saturday I was ill it lasted from 10.30 until 6.30 in the morning and rain, whew !. I think most people fell asleep through it. Mabel and Harry were with me until well after twelve as Ethel had been to Narborough and the train was over an hour late and then she had to queue for a taxi in Leicester.

Well love, I'm just rambling on and I have another letter to write to Dick's wife. Love and sweet dreams. 

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15th August 1945 

Well love at last it's over and much quicker than I ever thought it could be. I have just put Michael and Sheila to bed and Keith is reading and having something to eat. He won't be long before he is in bed either as Mabel and I took them in to town last night to see the lights and flags etc. We came home at 9.30 and there were bonfires at each street corner. They were thrilled with everything and we watched Culver Road's bonfire and fireworks until 10.15, they were soon off to sleep. We all went to the service in the town hall square in the morning. This afternoon we have been to the 'Sov' but it was L----. I wish we had gone to the park.

Keith has gone to bed now and I'm on my own once more. I haven't seen Ethel since yesterday morning . I guess she will be home sometime tonight.

Well love I see they are looking into your application. According to the paper tonight the troops are going to be released quicker from Italy.

I went to see your mother yesterday for a few minutes. My mother seems a nice bit better the last week or two. Our Winnie has got to go in to hospital today as the baby hasn't turned and they think it is either fastened to her side or needs turning. I expect Ethel will know more about it if I do see her tonight.

I'm pleased you liked the snap. I was on it, did you notice me ? I read your mother's letter and didn't like the bit about (you were alright there but you thought I had too much on my own here). It was mentioned to a young lad from Italy that it was alright for the young ones but not for the married men and he said 'Oh don't you believe it, they are having the time of their lives.'

I have made Keith Michael and myself a favour out of red, white and blue and Sheila a hair band. Mabel bought them a flag each. We went to see Faire's flags. They had four new beauties. I think they were the best in town. We told Sheila and Michael they were daddy's flags and sat on the wall in Rutland street eating cakes and biscuits. Michael kept saying 'daddy's flags'. We are having a street part next week. Well love it's 8.30 and I've got the ironing to do so I'll say goodnight and hope it won't be long before I see your old face again.

Victory kisses, your loving wife Olive, Keith, Sheila and Michael.

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21st August 1945

Dear Eric

Oh what a day I've had today. It was raining all morning, Keith lost my purse,there wasn't much in it but he was so stupid and kept saying it was in the basket. Of course I got mad with him,my head was aching as it was. I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights then when I took Sheila's new mattress upstairs I noticed it was split about 2". I could not get on with the dinner, the milk boiled over when I was putting the fish on to fry, Sheila lost her hairband I made her for V.J. day, I knocked a cup of tea flying with bothering with Keith and everything I wanted doing I had to ask a dozen times or land them one. I felt I could fly ! By teatime it cleared up and became very warm so just to calm me a bit I left the dinner and tea things, went into the garden borrowed Mrs. S's pruning clippers and cut the raspberry canes.

I finished them before I put the kiddies to bed. I think it cooled me off a bit, then of course I had to face the dirty pots. It was nine when I finally cleaned up. I had a biscuit and a cup of cocoa and as tomorrow is our wedding aniversary I thought  I'd just finish the day moaning at you love !

This is our fourth year apart love and I hope we shall be able to celebrate next year's anniversary together. I thought we should hear today how quickly they were going to demob you. In any case you should be home by January but who wants to go to the seaside then ?

I can see you packing off to work after a couple of weeks indoors  with the family ( you lucky guy). Well love that's just a bit of what you have to come home to, take it or leave it.

Well love like you I am daily hoping at the back of my mind that one of these days I will be able to relax just a little and know at last I have you to rely on. Goodnight love, sweet dreams. All my love to you dear now and always,

Your loving wife Olive and Family,

P.S. You have forgotten the Kiddies kisses on the last three letters.

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