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4th November 1944
'By the way love do you keep my letters? I wondered as I don't keep a diary and they would be useful to read together by our own fireside and would help one to remember some of the things that happened at various times. I'm keeping all of yours so we will have lots to reads and laugh about.'


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The Olive and Eric website is dedicated to a young English couple who during the Second World War were, like millions of others, separated from each other. Olive was left at home in the City of Leicester with three very young children and Eric was sent first to North Africa and then to Italy.

Through their letters to each other, we can share the feeling of those times in a way which history books can never convey. The letters are for the most part not edited and are presented as they were written. They were found when Eric passed away in the late 1980's, just a few years after his wife, Olive.

Olive and Eric were my parents.

The site is easy to navigate. There is an Index at the top of each page. It divides the letters into years, has sections on the people and places involved, a brief section on the years after the war and a final section of various unclassified items. The letters can be followed in sequence or dipped into at random

I offer the contents not only as a tribute to my parents but to all those who were separated during the last war, whatever their nationality and the hardships they experienced.

Transcribing all the letters has been a long job and is now  complete. All the letters are now on the site.

Thanks must go to my brother, Michael who is helping with the task of transcribing the letters. I would be very pleased to receive feedback about the contents of the site.

Keith Mason. London. September  2009

November 2009
I have now moved back to Leicester after over 30 years away. I have to say it has improved over the city it was ten years ago. The centre is a big improvement and the Curve and the new Phoenix Square very impressive. Still getting used to the place and will now be updating the site gradually

Found Leicester too quiet so now back in Ealing  !  As a friend said 'You can take the man out of London but you cannot take London out of the man''.. 


The Occupied Garden is the story of a market gardener and his fiercely devout wife, raising their young family in Holland during the Nazi occupation.


If you enjoy this web set you may find this book of letters also from North Africa and Italy of interest.

Copyright 2011 Keith Mason

copyright Keith Mason 2011