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From Mabel Aug 18 1944

During his time in North Africa and Italy, Eric received and sent many letters to friends and other members of his family. Most of these letters are lost but a few which were sent to him have survivied and some are reproduced here.
The people who sent them are described on the 'who's who' page.

18th August 1944  From Sister Mabel, her Husband Harry and Daughter Bernice

Dear Eric

It is Friday night and I have just finished some of my cleaning so thought I would write you a few lines in answer to yours that I received on August 3rd. It only took five days.

Bernice has just come down from Olive's. They are OK, also mam is much better again. I expect you will have heard from Olive that mam hadn't been well this week and had to have the Doctor. I fetched her to our house Wednesday in holiday week and she went up to your house on Monday.

The weather is lovely now, a bit too hot for me though (Don't we take some satisfying). Holiday Tuesday  we had quite a nice day at Groby. You ought to have seen us all trotting along. The sun didn't come out much until after tea so it wasn't so bad walking in the morning.

Of course Michael had to start the morning off whilst getting ready to do his biz in his pants and then he did it again when we got to the pub yard at Groby, so you can just imagine Olive saying a few words. In spite of everything we had a good time and the kiddies were very good as usual.

We all sat and wished you were having a happy birthday and so you were there in our thoughts. Harry managed to get a pint and then the beer was off. It has been awful to get one this holiday. They even queue for it. Harry would sooner go without it though.

Peggy & Les, Kath & Connie, Nora, Alf, John & Billy came over to us in the afternoon. They all went home on the bus but Olive, Alf & myself (Michael in pram of course) walked home. The sun was pouring down and we looked like pickled beetroot when we reached home.

We went on the Abbey Park a few times. It was very nice on there with the weather being so nice. We couldn't have picked a better week.

Well Eric I will soon be having to draw to a close. Bernice starts to work on Monday at Adderleys in the tailoring.

Isn't the war going on fine, I can see it finishing this year now can't you? I bet some of the Nazis are beginning to shake now. I hope they get a taste of their own medicine at last. 

Well Eric God Bless you and I hope you will soon be here with us all again

From your loving brother sister and niece

Mabel Harry & Bernice. 

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