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I was without coal for the biggest part of last week and I now have two bags till he decides to call again.
Keith has had to have a new tyre and inner tube for his bike so I'm absolutely broke this week We were fortunate this week and had four eggs each on the ration.

1st April 

Well I did get your two airmails together but not until Friday night. Fancy forgetting to post it and then you say that you think about me. Well love, I will forgive you this time. I have been missing you more than ever over this weekend. I feel I should have someone near just to lean on their shoulder and feel I had a chance to relax. I shall have to go out and find myself a Yank. ( What do you say love, 'Keep off') This letter may look and sound a bit jumbled but I'm trying to write it sitting on the settee with Michael and Sheila one at each end. Sheila has been out in her new coat today with Bernice as Bernice has a new rig out as well and they went the usual route. Bill  and Madge called in before dinner. I saw your Mam as I went to communion this morning. She wasn't going to Mabel's today as she hasn't felt too well all week. I was thinking of you when I was in church this morning and wondering if you were there too.

The kiddies have now been and fetched Pat and are having rides on his back. Keith is at Sunday school. He gave Michael a nasty bump this morning. His bike tyre has begun to split all round so he won't be able to ride it during the holiday.

Well love, it was hopeless to get on with this letter yesterday and now it's Monday night. I've had my supper and am waiting for Ethel to come home. She brought her boy friend for tea yesterday. He doesn't seem a bad sort of chap, Irish. I have a cold and hope it gets better for the weekend. There wasn't much to do today and it's been rather dull so I washed and have ironed it. I cleaned the kids off before they went to bed and cleaned their shoes for morning. Mabel has been up this evening and we listened to 'Music Hall'. Keith has got a nervous bout. The last two nights he has cried and said he was afraid the house would catch fire. I thought he had got over these imaginations and I hope he soon forgets this one. He has been to the Tudor this afternoon to see 'The thief of Bagdad' and he enjoyed it. Michael has had another bump. Today he fell off the chair straight on to the top of his head he looked so pale after and closed his eyes. I thought he was passing out but he seemed alright before he went to bed. 

I was pleased to get your letter this morning. I see you were feeling just the same as I am. It must be extra hard for us both at Holiday times, that's why I haven't bothered to go out today. I see your hopes are rising high love, but I shall feel better when they announce it over the radio and even then we don't know how long it will be before we see each other again. I asked Keith if he expects you home as soon as peace is declared and he said 'of course not' and I told Sheila it won't be long before it ends and her mind ran on to what Daddy could bring home for her so you will have to find some little thing just to make a good impression else what's the good of me telling them what a fine daddy they have. I took them to have a photo taken for you so you should get it about Whit. I hope it turns out as well as the last one. I went to the same place.

Sheila was playing with the dolls and Michael this afternoon and said she had come to see me for a little while as she had to take her baby to the doctors (Michael) and she was to put it on Ostermilk as she had had it weighed at the welfare and she had lost two pounds but it had got better from tonsillitis. Of course it wasn't all as plain as I have written it as we still have to decipher half of what she says.

Well I'll say goodnight now as it's bedtime once more. Now we have altered the clocks it's going to be hard to get up in the mornings for a little while. God bless and keep you safe.

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April 11th

I feel almost ashamed to send this letter after leaving you so  long without one but as you can see love I still haven't got an airmail but Mabel said we could now send these airmail and here's hoping. I have just come home from the pictures and I was the only one dry eyed. Bernice went with me tonight so you can see how hard I am getting. I think I am going over so you had better hurry home. It was a good picture 'The Madonna of the Seven Moons' and it was in Rome and Florence so I've been to Italy with you. Last week we gave the pictures a miss as there wasn't anything worth seeing and decided we would have a drink but finding half of Leicester shut we had a glass of mild and went and had supper. They dished up some meat and potatoes which made us heave and then we looked for somewhere else and I managed a drop more and felt somewhat muddled the next morning.

I had a letter on Saturday and have received a box of lemons and nuts and fruit. The almonds will come in nicely for a cake. The raisins have gone  and there were three lemons bad. We liked the figs, they tasted better than the ones which Dick's wife had. We had a lovely weekend with Edith and went to the Lickey hills on Saturday afternoon but we needed a man with us as the children are hard work to carry and amuse at the same time. Still we managed it and took a few snaps. I bought a film home so sometime in the near future I'll send you a bit of home to help you on your way. The lean to fell down this afternoon. The only comfort from that is that I get a bit of firewood. I was without coal for the biggest part of last week and I now have two bags till he decides to call again. Keith has had to have a new tyre and inner tube for his bike so I'm absolutely broke this week.  Talking of money I had 10/- from the wardens for you. Just tell me what to do with it next time you write.

I've just had V29 and see you feel the same way I do. The end seems a long way away. I've just asked Sheila to wash up while I finish this letter but she wouldn't so Michael got his chair up and said 'wash up mamma' You mentioned Ethel bringing her boy friends home when the war is over. Don't get alarmed I've told her already that there will be no room for her when you come home. I'm not having our lives upset any more when we get over this lot.

Sheila has just come in and is alarmed that there is a spot of rain on her bike and Michael is trying to pull me off the chair by my legs and touching my arm. He wants something outside and is very persistent. The garden is looking quite nice and it's had rain the last four nights and bright warm sun in the daytime. The daffodils are almost over and the tulips are beginning to change colour. I picked a few violets and they look grand in an egg cup.

Tom is home on leave. John is in bed with jaundice. He has been poorly for a fortnight or more. Mam came up yesterday and I wanted to get a snap of her but I hadn't the camera ready. Still I'll get one next week. I'll send as much as I can of home and loved ones so that you can feel nearer. Your loving wife and family.

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16th April 1945

Dear Eric
I hope my other letter reached you or you will be thinking I have deserted you. The box of walnuts arrived on Friday all in good order. I should think that they caught and outbound convoy. I see in the Leicester Mercury tonight that the Woodhouse Windmill has been burned down. That is a shame, isn't it. It's been a lovely day and now it's eight o'clock in the evening and I'm sitting with no fire and the window open.. So far we have had more sunshine than we had the whole of last summer. I can hear voices round about and it sounds as if someone is doing some gardening.. I have been doing some as well as I have now got two rows of peas, onions, beans and one row of lettuce, carrots, and radish. The early potatoes are also in and I've tidied the flower beds but the edge of the lawn wants trimming. I haven't felt in the mood for that as my back is aching a bit. You know, love, you hurt my feelings about your winnings, you know I wouldn't expect any of it (By the way how much AM I getting ?). You seem to be in luck's way at present. I wish you would get even luckier and get a pass home.
Keith has gone to the Sov tonight to see Abbot and Costello with Bernice but they haven't arrived home yet. I've given Sheila and Michael a bath. They get so dirty they could do with one every night as they play at the top of the garden and tip soil all over their clothes and it's all in their hair.. You should have seen Michael in the bath. Sheila got on her tummy for a 'swim' so he had to do the same and landed face first in the water. Keith seems better again and I think he has been trying to behave a bit better. Tom came to see me this morning. He goes back Wednesday. Les got a job as postman at a
repatriation camp. I thought that he looked a bit tired of it all. Harry Noon has had his operation some time this week. Your mother still doesn't seem too well. I don't think she gets enough rest being in the living room all day.
I had a form from the War Office wanting to know if I'm still alive and if I have any court orders made out to you for the children.. They want to know a B...lot. They must know I'm still alive and kicking as I already fill another form in twice a year but I've never had one of these forms before. Have you had your booklet about release etc ? If so how do you stand. If it is too far away you had better put in for a spot of Home leave although I'm not too sure that would be a good idea as the kiddies think when you do come home it will be for good and it will upset them if you go away again.. The planes are still going over and I think I had better say goodnight, love as it's ten o'clock and I know it's hopeless when Ethel comes in trying to get to bed. I don't feel I can rejoice even when Germany has finished. The time to put the flags out is when we know you are on the train and on your way home to Leicester. What a day that will be !
God bless you love

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21st April 

The first piece of news is that I had the photos this afternoon and post one off straight away to you. I hope it comes by air and then I shall soon hear what you think of it. I think it is very nice. I have also had Faire Brother's magazine and they have a good cartoon of you my sweet cricketer.

I had a rather bad time with the kiddies as we had a thunderstorm lasting two hours. The kiddies were late going to bed and they were not asleep when it started. Sheila was terrified and Michael was just quiet and but clung to me with all his might. Keith almost cried but was very brave and said God wouldn't hurt them when I explained That god sends the storms and of course you know I was trembling at the knees really !. It made me thankful that they had not experienced any bad bombing as it is a job to comfort them on ones own.

I've also a bit of bad news love, as my leg has broken out again so I went to see Dr. Mann on Monday and he said it had healed too quickly and I had to get the top off which had formed and bathe it in epsom salts and start all over again. It aches and pains me and is swollen just like it was before. Still by the papers there are plenty of people putting up with more than that so I mustn't grumble.

Now for something lighter. Keith has been going up the sandhills with John Quinn and catching newts. He had one and then lost it and then a lad at school gave him two and John bought them home in his pocket so I got the old bath down and he is thrilled with them. he says they are two females and he would have liked one male and then he would have some eggs. He was rather afraid they would get out after the rain last night but they were OK. John came across and said his had escaped.

It's now Sunday afternoon and I'm trying to get Keith off to school. He is upstairs at the moment and kicking up a dickens of a row. He says he is changing but he is a dream. He was saying the other day that the best in the house was Michael then Daddy, Keith, Mammy and then Sheila. I said doesn't daddy come first and he said ' I don't know about that, I'll see what he is like when he comes home. It's your dad's birthday on the 26th and I'll get some flowers for Sunday. Well that's Keith off. Don't think, love, that it was the quantity I had the other week that made my head thick it was because I am not used to it and can't stand more than two glasses.

I hope you will be able to get your leave just behave yourself with the charming hostesses the army have to make you feel at home. I see in the Faire's magazine that a girl named Dawson is at Naples with the Army welfare services so you should be alright if you land up there. Don't pay high prices for anything for me, love, you can send the money home and I'll bank it for our future holiday. Together we have £130 in the bank so we should be able to have some fun later.

I'm sorry Dick has moved. You'll miss him. I hope the other corporal is alright. Harry Noon had an operation this week and I hope Winnie will be up tonight to let me know.
I want to get a bath in this afternoon while the children are playing. It's not too warm today but they are outside on their bikes. Every time Sheila gets her's out, Michael bustles along for his. He doesn't put his feet on the pedals but just walks along but he is happy. They are at the top of the garden playing with the trowel, tins and soil so I'll get that bath now. 
God bless you. All our love to you.

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28th April 

What's the matter with your mail this week. Have you forgotten to post it again or have you gone on your vacation. I had your last V33 on Monday. We have had a mixed day today as we had snow in the night and the wind is biting with snow again this afternoon but the sun is quite warm. Those summer days of last week have gone but still they were very welcome. Sheila has written a letter to you and told you about Michael crayoning on it while she was writing. There is also a drawing of a train and the one in the centre all red is mammy at the seaside in a new dress. Michael does seem to alter since he has been playing outside. I'm afraid love, you have missed all his baby ways but still you may have that chance again (There will be a row if you do) but honest love I would hate to think I'd got to go through all that again.

I haven't received the cash wholesaler's parcel yet but expect it will turn up any day now. I am enclosing the snaps we had taken at Dicks home and hope you like them. Mr. Quin has been across and tidied the front lawn and hedge it looks quite nice now. Do you remember that little bit of honeysuckle we brought from Switherland, it never did much good and then after I had the fence creosoted it seemed to vanish altogether but this year it has grown and has a side shoot on too so next year maybe we shall have flowers on it. The lilac looks nice this year and has fourteen blooms on it. Keith has been busy drawing and colouring a flag each for himself, Sheila and Michael. He didn't fancy doing it both sides so he put a big V Day written at the bottom. He was talking about V day and said something about you coming home. He said he knew you wouldn't be home as he said you had to fight the Japs. I said you might get home but not for good and he said he wouldn't mind you going back if only you came home. He misses you, love, but it can't be helped but all the lads he plays with have all got their daddies at home.

How do you get on with the new corporal. I bet you miss Dick after all the time you spent together. Ethel's Danny is a policeman at the German camp here but had to go to jail for hitting a prisoner. (14 days at Manchester) I went to see your mother yesterday and she seemed a little better. My Mam doesn't seem to get any better. She feels her age a bit nowadays. I'm taking some flowers to your dad's grave tomorrow. Well Ethel is home now and all talk so I'd better close this and try to write during the week.  All our love. Your loving wife and family. 

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MAY 3rd

Well love at last this war looks as if it is drawing to it's last breath. I was delighted when I heard of the surrender in Italy. Do you think it will make your leave home any nearer,love ? I am sitting alone by the fire in the sitting room. It's cold and raining outside, the kiddies have just gone to bed. They have had their hair cut tonight so are a bit late and I've tideied their things a bit and sorted out some clean clothes as they have been making mud pie ice creams.

Ethel has gone to stay with mam for a few days as we have had to have the doctor in to examine her for she is far from well and has been losing blood. I think she was worried in case there was a growth. We were all really quite relieved to know there isn't, but the doctor says her kidneys are not working properly and needs rest and warmth so ordered her to bed. He is calling again at the weekend. Your mother doesn't seem too well again and as I went to the Doctor on Tuesday I asked him for a bottle of medicine for her. She is very wheezy all the time.

Well love I've been very lucky this week as I've had three letters and a box of nuts plus two packets of figs and thank you very much for them.I meant to crack a few nuts to take to the pictures last night, we went to the Odeon and saw "Then comes Tomorrow". It was a good picture.

(One page of letter missing)

Keith seems to be altering to me love, getting grown up. He makes me smile when I've said something to him and he comes out with  'You certainly have'. He has got a craze for lighting bonfires so I can you two having some fun together. Well love I've got to wash those grubby clothes your family made. I don't want any washing about on VE day so I'll say goodnight once again on paper.

All our love to you dear, your loving wife and family.

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7th May

I am making this short but I want to thank you for the lovely gloves and centre I received on Saturday. The gloves are a bit tight across my hand but they are very soft and will give that much. I would like to have the centre framed or put in a glass tray as I could not use it for a table centre as it would get soiled and I don't think that it would wash. I have Sheila poorly. She has been very feverish and has got a sore mouth. I haven't had much rest with her for the past three nights. She is in bed now and I did think that I would have the doctor in but she seems better again now so it looks like me staying in on VE night unless she cools off a bit. Still love as long as nothing keeps me in when you are due to arrive at the Midland station that's all that will trouble me.

I think last week was a record week as I had four letters a box of nuts and fruit two registered envelopes. I forgot to mention the photo in my last letter. I was glad you were pleased with it but photos do lie sometimes and don't show all my lines and spots. My mother thinks it flatters me but against that Mrs Quinn says it wasn't too good of me so there you are.

Well it's eleven and I should like Oliver to post this for me so here's to victory. I haven't a bottle of stout handy , still I only have to nip round to Buckminster Road near the school for one. We tried it for the first time on Saturday, it was opened at Easter.

All my love to you dear , your loving wife and family. 

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11th MAY 

Well love at last I feel in the mood for writing to you. I hope you enjoyed the victory.As expected I was confined to barracks.

Sheila has been very poorly and I had to have the doctor in on V.E. Day. He moaned and said that I pick some good days. She is a lot better this morning and has been able to eat a thin piece of bread. She was in bed for three days and very feverish. It's a week today since we went out but I'm hoping to get out next Wednesday as Bernice is coming then we shall celebrate.

We were fortunate this week and had four eggs each on the ration. It came in handy, that's all Sheila has been able to get down besides milk.

Mable took Keith into town to see the flags and as usual has proved herself a good pal to me and has been up every time she could spare. I really don't know what I should have done without Mabel all the time you have been away. I've been able to take all my pleasures and troubles to her and have a good weep on her shoulders when I couldn't keep it back any longer. I only hope I can repay her some way one day.

Keith has had a holiday with the bonfires but wasn't too keen when they lit one on the corner  here as he was afraid the flames might blow this way and catch our house. It was 9.30 when he came home last night and his clothes reeked of smoke. He had been on the Green on Groby Road with some more kids lighting fires. He didn't half get ready for bed in a hurry. He couldn't understand 'Victory' and said it is not peace because we still have to use ration books and the Japs have still got to be beaten.

The Kiddies had their cards yesterday and Keith had to smile when you said he could have an extra piece of chocolate as the sums were easy for him. I told him he would have to let you know what he was doing at school

Thanks for V 38 love, I had it yesterday as there wasn't any post for two days. We don't take much notice of Roy as he always has a growse about something and like you love I would love you to be firmly settle on that old office stool again. Still it's a bit nearer now but how much we don't know yet. I haven't heard any more of that form but all the army wives had one. Do you think there is any chance of that delayed leave of yours being home leave now. Well love I must get some work done. My leg is still very sore. I feel sick of it and by the look of things I will still have it when you get home.

God bless you love, all our love to you.

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May 18th

How the days fly, I didn't realise until yesterday that I hadn't written to you for a week again but this week has been very busy. To begin with, love, on Saturday night when Mabel came up she said 'let's try the screws on the shelter' So off we went and found we could move them and finished by outing it altogether ! You see, love, what amazons we are. Mabel did the most work. On Sunday of course, I had to get the room in shape. Bernice helped to get the carpet on the line and Harry and I gave it a good beating. We turned it round when we put it back and now, love, it's ready for you and it does look more like home sweet home.

Ann saw us doing the carpet and when she heard that me and Mabel had managed it she said she would leave it for a week and then have a go but about 10.30 on Monday morning she shouted had I a few minutes to spare and Evelyn was called as well and by just after 11.30 her shelter was down the garden as well !. Frank has been home for 36 hours and Evelyn has her shelter at the bottom of the garden as well so we all feel love that that's a bit of Hitler gone.

Sunday night my leg was hurting and it was two o'clock before I got to sleep so of course I felt done in the next day. Ethel came up at night and stayed till ten. I wanted to bathe Keith and it was 8.30 before he came in very dirty looking. He went up to put the water on and was running the tap for ages it seemed so I went up. I could have killed him, he does try my patience. The floor was swimming. He was standing in it with new socks on and the bath as full as we should want it and he was sailing his boats. Of course there was a row and he had a good hiding. He is so dammed stupid. On tuesday when he came in I told him to get washed as I was having a rest on the settee after a heavy wash day and he couldn't do that without wetting himself and the floor. I only hope you will be able to do something with him as I give up. That meant another night gone without writing.

I went to the pictures with Evelyn as Ann couldn't get. Mabel and Bernice came up yesterday. They had Culver road's victory party at Epworth hall so I took the kiddies there after I had been to the Royal and it was 10.15 when we landed up home. We did have a time. It didn't look as if we were short of food by the tables.  Jellies, blancmange, raspberries, trifles, cakes, jam tarts, and real cream. They had a Punch and Judy and a conjurer. You should have heard Michael and Sheila laughing at Punch. Sheila walked up to the conjurer when he was doing a trick and caused some amusement. She thoroughly enjoyed the games and won a book for putting the tail on the donkey near where it should be. They also gave her a book and Michael a knife and fork and two younger babies a cup and saucer for being the youngest there. Her face was a study at times and as usual she had plenty of attention.

Well love, I've come all this way and not thanked you for the last two letters I received. I see you celebrated quietly or did you ? You didn't say you liked the goodnight snap. I am pleased you are getting your leave and hope this letter reaches you before you catch the early train. Keith said he would love some pictures of vesuvius. It has made me feel depressed love over all the releasing of troops. You should be home about next summer. It's a pleasant ? thought and my neighbour is going on holiday this week as she feels in need of a change and rest. Why the hell don't they call up all those who managed to crawl out of the Army beats me, still she says she was always unlucky !. There'll come a day though so we mustn't grumble. Hope you keep well until we meet again. All our love is yours.

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24th May 1945

Well love, I've been trying to get the grass and weeds down a bit and I've made an impression but only a small one and we do need a man around here. I've seen the painter again about the outside and he still hasn't been near. The shed door had broken again but Mr.S has tied it up and at least it looks tidy.

I still have the main crop of potatoes in a sack and I feel I don't care a hang if they stay there. I've asked Harry but I don't think he is interested and I don't feel that I can manage them

The kids have gone to bed. They have been helping me this evening and I am going to take them to the Fosse tomorrow night to see Roy Rogers. I hope Michael behaves himself. There's a dance at 'Gussies'(St. Augustines)  tonight and all the Mason crowd are going except Grannie and Olive. Clever Bill asked me if I was going and I said yes if you look after my family. Of course that was out of the question. I don't know but he always gets my back up.

I am making Sheila a new dress out of that flowered material we had from Faire Brothers. I see in tonight's Mercury that John Mantle has died suddenly. I had Faire's mag last week and you and Frank are featured in it. I expect you have had yours by now  I'm writing this with my knees as a table so I hope you can read it. 

I was please to receive you V42 yesterday. It took almost a week but it had a censor's stamp on it. I haven't had the cash wholesaler's parcel yet but each day I am hoping. Have you heard we are getting a ration cut next week ? We shall get 1 oz of lard and 3 oz of bacon a week, the soap ration is cut and 4 points each month on off course meat is a bit tight. Still we have come through the war and mustn't grumble but it's hard to realise it yet.

I had a letter from Faire's asking for a few particulars about you as they are going to try to get some of their men released but I can't see it coming off with our luck, can you love ? There have been letters in the Mercury this week about not calling up men over thirty and it seems the same feeling is felt by a large number.

Keith's tummy has been a bit off this week. He didn't have any dinner today and then this afternoon he had a cold coloured water drink and I think it was one of those which started his tummy off in the first place. It's made him look pale and he doesn't have much energy. Sheila is her bright and happy self again. She is still very pitiful when she is poorly. Michael is alright  but t he has gone right off eggs now we have started to get more.

I hope this letter reaches you before you go away. I thought you said last Monday, and I've been thinking of you basking in the sunshine all week. I've tried to kid Mabel to go away with us somewhere but she won't leave Harry. I almost forgot that this was Whit week. Bernice and I took the kiddies over to Coalville on Monday for the day and they were having a victory tea. It was grand and they enjoyed the day out. We went there by bus so we gave them a treat by coming home on the train and they thought that was swell.

I met Arthur Marrett Last Friday. He looked well and sends his best wishes to you. He has altered, is taller and broader and has lost his shyness. He said his girl has been here for part of his leave. I asked him what it was like to be in England again and he said that it felt strange especially the money which seemed like foreign currency. But all the same he was pleased to be back.

I don't know what is happening in Culver Road, there seems to be a lot of babies on the way. They are all to people with one child perhaps 8, 12 or 13 so don't come home while this is in the air will you ? Well I'm going to have my supper now. God bless you and keep you safe

29th May 

Time is 8.30 and I've just finished putting the family to bed and tidied their clothes. Michael and Sheila had a sleep this afternoon so they weren't ready at the usual time (6.30) We had a smile with Michael. He was going to sit on the jimmy and as he bent he fumped. I said 'pardon me' and he bent and the same thing happened again and we just howled at his face as he said in his way 'pardon me' He says everything after us. The kiddies deserved a medal this week as they have all eaten their dinners for the last three days. Keith seems better again now and I think he is trying hard to be good as well. 

Well love I was pleased to get V43 and 44 one yesterday and one today.. I see you had your holiday last week after all. Looking at your previous letter I see that I read it wrong and thought that you were not going until this week. Still love, I'm glad you both managed it together. You seem to be treating yourself like lords, bottles of wine, eggs at 1/- a time. I told Evelyn what they cost and she said tell him you will lay him a few. Your costume I sent didn't arrive in time as I thought it might, still it hasn't stopped you from having a swim. I wish I could get someone to go to Mablethorpe with. Lilian said she would go but it would be a little bit too much like hard work with five youngsters.

I like the snaps. You look quite massive on the bathing beauties. The camp looks nice and tidy on the service one. I wondered if that was you second on the front row. I took the kiddies to the Fosse on Friday. They behaved very well except once or twice Michael tried to stand on my chair. Gladys came up on Sunday and Winnie Noon. I met Percy in town on Saturday afternoon. Mama seems a little better. Harry Noon isn't too well and Bob has been off from work for a week. I saw Winnie S. I had told you she is expecting a baby any time now and hopes it will be a girl. I bought Keith some Flannel Knickers for school as he wasn't going to wear patched ones. Mabel said she knew someone else who had said that. He had a new shirt as well and Sheila some new shoes and mother some new stockings.. I want some shoes but it's a job to get just what you want these hard times. Mabel didn't have a Whit Holiday this year.

Was the rest camp near to BOD or did you have a proper change of scenery. Will you be able to vote in this new election. I don't know what they are going to do regarding overseas men. It's Bernice's birthday tomorrow and I've bought he some lipstick today.  Keith took it down tonight. You will be surprised how she and Eric have grown up and Kath as well. I often wonder if she and Jack will make a match of it, she seems very fond of him. Well love my tummy is calling so I'll say goodnight and write some more in the morning.
(Remainder missing)

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2nd June

Dear Eric,

Well love it's Sunday afternoon and Michael has gone to bed for an hour and Sheila and Keith are writing to you in the writing room. I thought I'd better stay here where it is quiet and get this letter off to you.

We went to see Deanna Durbin in Wednesday night at the Odeon after first having the odd one. It was raining when we came out and has done so on and off ever since.

Keith had his letter and was pleased with his pictures of Vesuvius. Italy looks a grand place I can't understand you not being happy there. Even the army think of your pleasure by sending the A,T,S. They will make a few more partners at your next dance but don't fall for their flattery, it's not worth while as there are enough homes broken up already.

I went to see your mum yesterday, she has suddenly gone old and feeble. I don't think she will pick up again. Winnie was going to have my pram done up but the man at Robothams said the new prams were improving and advised her to wait and get a new one, so I had to walk home from mam's and I've still got the pram !.I am cleaning out the little room for Sheila then I will let Michael sleep with Keith. I should be able to get a utility bed and bedding

There has been a lot of letters in the paper about not calling up over thirties and the release of older men but it hasn't done any good. Do you think they will need an army in Italy for another year? Folk keep asking if you will be home soon. Stevens says in his 'Know all 'voice," Eric won't be so long now" and I ask him how long 'so long' is! Stevens says "He'll be knocking you up any night now" I'd like to knock his B- head off. If you see any combs at a reasonable price you might send one or two as we never see any in the shops nowadays.

I'd better say goodnight love again. All our love. We will be patiently waiting for that day of days.

Your loving wife.

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10th June

I'm starting this backwards as I've wrote the address first and it's rather wet. Well love at last I've found time to write. I've been doing it since Thursday and each time either someone has come in or else I've had to do an unforeseen job but what with the weather has been enough to send anyone crackers and on top of that Keith has had German measles. I think that's what it was as by Saturday night he was covered with a rash but after Monday apart from the rash he had been in high spirits, too high by far for me.. I didn't have the doctor but am now waiting for the rash to appear on Sheila and Michael. They have colds and I think that is the first sign.

I think if the army don't soon release you I shall just go off my head. Grass is growing everywhere and by the time you get home it will be a bit like a wilderness, the paint is getting worse and worse and if I spend a bit of time on the garden, the mending, washing and cleaning just seems to pile up that I wonder where to start this week with Keith at home I've done nothing but clear up after them. He's never happy unless he turns everything upside down. What I would give for a peaceful army life.

Well now that's off my chest I'd better thank you for the parcels I received this week. They were both OK. We have sampled one jelly. There were nine. I sent Mam, Mabel and you Mam one and I let Anne and Evelyn have one between them. Half the sweets have gone and I let the kiddies busy themselves by putting the chocolate on to biscuits. How much did it cost love, as the parcels were worth one 5/8 plus 3/9 postage and the other was 5/9 plus 3/9 postage and I have an idea you said it was £2. If it was love, I wouldn't be robbed again although it's nice to receive them. We had a pleasant sunrise from Roy on Monday. He sent Keith eighteen toy soldiers and they were a lot better than I've seen for a few years. He was thrilled with them. Roy also sent a note with them saying that he didn't know what to send my daughters and enclose 72 coppers 1944-1945 for them. Of course Michael and Sheila have carried them about all week. Michael even took his to bed last night in one of Sheila's handbags. 

Ethel is still at mams. I only had one letter last week V47 but hope to have one tomorrow. I always look for letters from you but usually only manage one each week myself. How's your shorthand going ? Don't send any as I don't understand it. I was pleased your costume arrived. I had put your name but Mrs Keely posted it for me and had to put a label on and probably forgot to put your name. I looked through it but didn't see any holes but hope you managed to get them mended. The family have just come on home so it's a job to concentrate. We had our first tomatoes and strawberries yesterday, about a quarter each, still it was a taste and the kiddies enjoyed the lettuce and tomato sandwiches I made for tea. Mrs Keely's brother is putting me a coat of paint on the front door next Friday so I'm going to clear the pantry door and I'm going to try to teach the family to hang their own clothes up. I haven't finished Sheila's room but hope to distemper it during the week all being well.

I know I sound a bit nattery but need you wonder at it. I expect I shall see you before the next year is out but just try to hold on and we will laugh again. All my love. 

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June 14th 

Well love, I thought I'd make a start while the kiddies are still up as it has turned a bit warmer and they might as well get the sunshine while they can. It's now 6.15 and we have finished tea a little late but I've been for treatment and also collected 18 new ration books for various people from the Granby Halls. I was pleased with the gifts you sent me. I received them the same time as the letter telling me they were on the way. Unfortunately one bottle of brilliantine was broken and you can guess the state  the other things were in but I've cleaned it all off except the box is still stained on the lid and of course the smell is still there. The bracelet I'm keeping for myself and I've told Sheila she can have the box for her handkerchiefs when her room is finished.

Keith won't look at the tie but likes the brilliantine in his hair. Don't think I'm ungrateful, love, but it does seem a lot of money for such things. I also had a surprise parcel of nuts and a packet of figs. I remember you saying you had two boxes and I had one and then you did not mention sending the other and I thought you had maybe eaten it yourself. I did mean to mention it before, anyway love it turned up this week and apparently it was damaged and had to go to the GPO for reparcelling.

I also had V49 this morning. I saw Les last night and he said he had heard from you and pulled my leg a bit about what you really thought of me, you had the right idea about what I meant concerning S. I forgot to tell you, they don't need my lettuces now though, love, as they have an allotment and some strawberry plants.

We had a nice night out last night, love, but I think we have lost our sex appeal. We had our usual tonic and then went to the Opera House we had booked in the morning. Henry Hall and variety company was on a we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I only wish you had been waiting for me at home instead there was I, just alone again, it kind of takes the shine off things.

Michael has just been in . He is funny. I saw Jack, Nora and David on Tuesday. David is taller than Michael but not so broad. Jack looks well. I would think it would be better to take the chaps in rotation now they are getting so many out of the leave scheme, it would be something to look forward to. I bet Tom and Mac are getting excited. Iris and Winnie came up on Sunday and Iris wanted to know if there were any lonely soldiers over there that needed a pen friend. I don't think she has anybody on at present.

I took Sheila to school yesterday and had her put her name down. Miss Bamford told me to have Michael's name put down as soon as he had turned three so it looks as if I shall be going out to work soon to pass the time unless we decided to have a family (no) Everybody is taking holidays. I wish I could take the kiddies to the sea. If you come home next March love, it will be too cold to enjoy a seaside holiday so I think you had better wait until the warmer weather I've just had to be on Sheila's heels as she was pulling the raspberry canes and walking all over my potatoes. the raspberries are just beginning to change colour. I'll bottle some in case you come home this year, one never knows.

Well love, it's after seven time for the family to go to bed. I've got my ironing to do when I've washed up so I had better love and leave you. God bless you. There's lots of love waiting if you'd only come and get it.

(Remainder of letter missing)

18th June 1945

I was pleased to receive the snaps today, by the look of things you had good weather recently. I believe that you look fatter unless it's because I haven't seen your legs for so long a time.

Thanks for the comb. Sheila says that's not big enough for my mammy, it's just my size. The last two days we have had a taste of summer again and we had a few potatoes out of the garden yesterday. I shall be able to get some raspberries for tomorrow's dinner. Ethel managed to get a basket of strawberries and Mabel and I shared them, the kiddies especially enjoyed them for tea. We were also able to get a few tomatoes so we are able to keep struggling along although we haven't got any potatoes for tomorrow, but why worry.

Well love today the first the first lot are being demobilised so that brings our reunion a little bit closer. I was getting to think a lot of tiresome thoughts till I read your letter this morning, love. It seems that most men are writing sweet things to their wives and it set me wondering if they all really mean them. Can you explain it, love,and are their many of the married ones who are
not true to their wives ? There are so many wives that have proven evidence of their unfaithfulness yet it makes me wonder if the fault is altogether theirs. as men get away with it and they know they won't be found out. Still I suppose it is one of the problems that war
brings with husbands and wives being parted.

Well love it is now Thursday morning, quite an interval since I started this letter but Bernice and Les came up on Monday nights and I had one or two jobs to do after they left (after ten o'clock) so hadn't time to finish it. I washed on Tuesday and did part of the ironing at night and wasn't in the mood to write and yesterday I was shopping in the morning and Edith came up in the afternoon and as it was my night out I didn't get it done.

Anne and Evelyn had me on a piece of string last night alright. We had mentioned that we would like to go to the Opera House again but they said that they hadn't had any luck getting a seat so we went into town and    I was puzzling where to go and I didn't get any encouragement from them. They suggested having a drink at Whatts. They were closed so we went to the Globe and as we came down Silver Street they said ":A lot of the Opera House tonight" and suggested trying for a seat. I thought it was pretty hopeless but we went in. Instead of queuing for tickets they dragged me up the stairs saying they would check if there were any spare seats. I was concerned because you couldn't go up without tickets but they said they had tickets and it was a surprise for me ! It was a pleasant surprise and we enjoyed ourselves.

I expect Ethel will be home next week at least as Mam and Dad are going to Yarmouth for a week. I hope the journey doesn't upset mum as it's crowded whenever you go on the train nowadays. Harry L came up last night and took the grass off both sides of the path for me. When we have decided how we want the garden laid out we shall have to have some of it paved. The raspberries are doing well. Michael doesn't like them and he and Sheila are not very keen on the new potatoes so it's a problem knowing what to get for dinner these days.

I see you have been sight seeing. You had better make the most of it this summer as I'm hoping you won't get the chance next year. I've managed to put Keith's birthday card out of sight until Monday. He is quite excited at having his party on Sunday and I'm taking him into Town on Saturday to spend his two pounds on Saturday afternoon. Mabel is having Sheila and Michael. I shall make his cake tonight. Personally I shall be glad when it is over.

Your loving wife

27th June 

I was very pleased to get your letter dated the 20th on Keith's Birthday. He had his letter yesterday so it wasn't much out. I gave Keith his party on Sunday. we had ten kiddies including our own for tea and I think they all enjoyed themselves. I made a cake with the raisins and sultanas from Durban. We had jelly, blancmange, peaches, a trifle and  tomato and lettuce sandwiches.  The cake was a great success. He had a lot of money and cards but I suppose he will tell you how much, I don't really know, he put it in his drawer. Ethel bought him a book 'Coral island'. It's a bit old for him to read, but we are saving it so you can read it to him. He had a book of map making and I took him into town to spend the money which you sent. He had a mirrorscope, a constructional toy, a book and he bought Michael and Sheila a book each. We had tea in Lewis's and I'd had enough but he still had 15/-. Out of it he got Ethel to bring him some fireworks  for a shilling and he was thrilled with them. (I'm not too keen) He wanted her to have ten shillings this morning for more. By the way I also bought him some paints.

I went to  school yesterday as it was parent's day. I saw Keith's teacher and asked how he was getting along. She said he had brains and was very original but was very careless about his writing but as neither his mother or father are very good at that, the lad hasn't much chance. She said his mind is faster than his hand and he hurries too much. I saw his folder and there was a composition about the British Army. He said his daddy was in the British Army and he worked in an office but wasn't an officer. In another he finishes with saying ' I love my Daddy'. There was one about me going shopping at Lewis's and another about Saturday afternoons we go to Aunt Mabels for tea and then she takes me to the City cinema at night. I suppose the Sovereign wasn't posh enough for his composition. Last week he only had five sums right so it looks as if he usually does well with them.

Ethel is here this week as Mam is at Yarmouth. She is going away herself next week and I don't know whether she is coming here after or not. Mrs. S has gone off the deep end again. I put my foot in it by telling her son off, she passed me in the classroom yesterday, the miserable ...

You mention keeping the cot love, but I don't think you realise how we are pushed for room. if we need it ourselves, it will still be in the family. I was pleased to hear they are giving a bit more leave out your way and hope it won't be too long before we see your sweet face again if only for ten days. We have got over parting before and I guess we should have to look on the best side of parting again knowing we had got a bit nearer your release. Michael has just come in. They are playing on the front and he said 'no shut door'. It's cold today and we haven't seen the sun for two days and it's trying hard to rain. I have got to get cracking with the dinner soon, corned beef and gooseberry and raspberry pie.

Michael and Sheila didn't like the new potatoes. He seems off his food the last few days, I don't know if the party upset his tummy. Evelyn has had Christine very poorly with gingivitis this week so won't be able to go out this week but I hope to go to the Fosse or Sov. Percy is ome on embarkation leave and expects to go to Germany. I don't know why it is love but whenever I dream of you, you are very indifferent to me and give me the cold shoulder. Well we'll see soon when that day dawns. All my love to you.

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