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25th June 1944 * * *
6th April l944 

I have just finished my supper, a few potatoes left over from dinner, fried up and a cup of cocoa made with milk although it's 10.15, I thought I had better make a start.

I have cut and rolled the lawn since tea, that makes it three times I have rolled it this week. I thought I might level it a bit while it's wet. I had a go at the front but found it hard work so decided to get the kiddies off to bed instead. Michael was trotting around after me while Keith and Sheila were out with the lads. Sheila was on the bike although the saddle is about off, still that doesn't worry her as she doesn't sit down. I hope to get it done around Easter.

Wonder of wonders yesterday I had a box of figs and today I had the parcel containing the bracelet for Sheila, a book for Keith, beads for mammy and nine oranges all in good condition, they were wrapped in paper as the box was split, the fig box was tied with string, so I think I am very lucky to get them. I bet they could tell a tale if only they could speak.

Keith thought the book and the oranges were very good and Sheila was delighted, but the beads love, were never mean't to be worn in England. I let Sheila wear them a little while along with the pretty little bracelet, she looked so cute. The kids liked the figs so I don't think any will get cooked.

I have been to the Royal infirmary today and my arm seems to show signs of improvement. My mother says she thinks it has looked better since I started treatment. I think I have more energy. I need it.

The coalman came this morning before I was up so I told Keith to tell him I wouldn't be long. Miss Sheila goes to the window and begins shouting 'Mammy won't be long. She's just got up and is dressing herself and lots more in the same way. The coalman said afterwards that she mean't him to know that you were not up.

Mrs Quinn gave me ten shillings for you from the post, what do you want me to do with it ? Don't forget your mother's birthday on May 12th. Well love I'm off to bed now, sweet dreams.

Well love, it's now Saturday night and Bernice and Mabel have gone and I'm waiting for the milk to boil. The weather has been sunny today but it's still a bit cold. I Have been working hard this week so I had to go out this morning as I didn't want anything to do today.

Keith looked very nice in his new suit and moaned because he had to put his overcoat on. We went for a walk round the fair but as it was a shilling on most things today we didn't bother, we shall probably go down on Monday.

We went to Nora's as usual yesterday and your mother looked much better. She has got her old age pension through and draws her first 10/- on her birthday.

I met the new vicar last week, he seems a nice fellow, your Mam seems to like him more than Mr.Whipp.

I had a letter from Percy and Tom this week. They are both in restricted areas and Percy's letter was censored. Mama has not heard from Bob for a month but it may be due to airmail service being stopped from Gibraltar.

Well love your family seems pretty well although I thought Keith looked a bit off colour today. I might take him along to the doctor during next week as he still yells at the least thing. I'm afraid I lose my patience with him at times and don't suppose that helps. I wonder love, whether he worries about you as he asks all sorts of questions about the Germans in Italy and whether you have met any and do you have to fight and lot's more in the same strain. I answer them as best I can to put his mind at ease. Perhaps if you wrote to him and told him now you were alright it would help. Don't worry about him love as he is alright otherwise but you know what an  imagination your child has.

Well love I hope you are well and comfortable. I don't suppose you can tell me just where you are but it seems so vague, just 'Italy'. If I could bring it down to an area I would feel closer and now they are talking about the war going on to next year it seems so endless  and our life going on apart. Still mustn't grumble I suppose there's plenty worse off. Goodnight love. All of us at home miss you so much


Well love after eight days I get three airmails in one day from you and beat your record as I have a reply in 15 days. Pretty good I call that . Your letters were dated 29/3,2/4, and 6/4. Easter is over and it hasn't mean't much to me. I told you Keith seemed a bit off colour, well love it turned out to be chickenpox, the spots were out on Saturday night but only seemed like heat spots but by the Sunday night they were filling up. I had Dr.Mann on Monday just to make sure. He said I need not send for him if the other two have it unless they have a temperature. John has got it as well but has had to stay in bed as he was poorly with it. Keith has been outside today and seems a lot brighter. . They think John might have developed mumps as there seems to be a lot of mumps and chickenpox at the school. 

Bernice and I went to the Odeon last night and saw James Cagney in 'Johnny Vagabond'. Not bad. I see you keep seeing a few films even if it is the same over again. You say in your letter that you had a good view of Vesuvius when you went by. Does that mean that you are still nearer the fighting. I wish there was a way of knowing where you were hidden. Tom had a narrow escape from drowning. They were on exercises and the boat capsized luckily with no loss of life. He had a lucky escape the first night he joined the Army as a Spitfire crashed on the next hut to him. It was a stores hut and no-one was in it. I expect I shall have all your experiences all my life when you come home love. Oh that day should be the happiest day of our lives. I bet though I shall have a headache as I can't stand too much excitement

It was funny you should mention 'Take me back to dear old Blighty' as I have been singing it to Sheila and she often sings bits of it. They have been helping me with the garden after tea tonight, Michael as well. I have cleared the biggest part of the side front and it looks good. I have also done a bit of setting carrots, beet, onion and lettuce, and hope to get some peas in tomorrow. I'm doing fairly well and the shallots are doing fine. Keith was pulling some of the grass out and breaking dead stalks off and Sheila was putting them in the barrow she had for Christmas and putting them in the bonfire. Michael was helping by taking them out of the barrow almost as fast as Sheila was putting them in so you can see we are all working. It only wanted you.

I'm getting tired love, it's almost eleven o'clock so I'll say goodnight love and sweet dreams. Talking of dreams Keith was crying the other night and when I asked him what was wrong he said that he had been dreaming that his daddy had sent him a parcel and when he looked inside there were only three buttons and he was upset about it

 THURS. I haven't gone to the Infirmary today  because Mrs Quinn wasn't sure about John's mumps so I thought I would finish the garden but it is raining now. I put the peas in this morning. Keith is threading some of Sheila's beads. Sheila has gone to the pictures with Bernice as her spots haven't come out yet, she has two faint ones on her face This is the first time she has been to the pictures so I expect we shall hear all about it for weeks.

I think I might be able to get a bike for Keith. I have first choice if they decide to sell for three pounds will that be alright love. I think he would like one for his Birthday. Well love there isn't much more to tell you. I'll see if I can get a photo of the kiddies but I'm not bothered about one of me as I want you to come home and a photograph might put you off altogether. Let's hope love that bright day is not too far off. All my love to you

 I've just been having a chat with Mr.S. He's been digging his garden tonight. He has had the Army after him again but it seems they can't do without him at work so I think they will still be lucky. Well love how are you, still safe and well I hope. I expect we shall have a bit of a delay in our letters nowadays due to the second front as it is where you are but as you say I'd sooner it be later and a real job made of it than an early flop.

 I'm pleased to say Keith is more himself, but still spotty, no doubt that is what is upsetting his nerves.I keep looking for spots on Sheila and Michael. I think Sheila has a few but you cannot tell at first. The Baker gave me three free tickets for the children to have a free ride at Butlins so if Sheila hasn't got any spots by Saturday I shall take them as Keith will be alright by then.

 We went for a walk through the park yesterday with your Mam, Mabel and Bernice. We  took Michael in the pushchair as I'm having a new tyre put on the pram. Keith pushed him all the way and thought it was very grand. He took Michael round to see the peacock and it had got it's tail spread. Keith had a good view of it but we didn't as we didn't go round the same way.  I have got to get the wheel of the pushchair mended now as another spoke broke yesterday making three. I seem a bit unlucky with wheels lately so now I'm stuck until Thursday.

 Michael has learned how to climb on the easy chair in the kitchen but hasn't learned how to get off it properly yet as he landed straight on his nose, poor love. He did cry but he was alright after I cuddled him for a bit. He still likes to get into bed with me but not quite as often as he did. Altogether he's a sweet bundle of love and never gets tired of me fussing him. Sheila gets a real tough mamma at times when she lands Keith one. She tries to copy Keith and even Michael will stick out a piece of wood and say 'bang'. They keep me busy and pass the time away.

 I had to smile when you asked me if I had any patience left. Sometimes I have a lot and other times, well love you know how I go up in the air. That's increased a hundred times with a few swear words thrown in ! I cleaned Keith's bike up and Bernice painted it with your black enamel on Saturday night, it's a good bike again and Mr.S made the other ;little one go again for Sheila. Keith's saddle is all broken but I tied it up and shall make him a cover for it. I have been washing today so I couldn't get to the Infirmary. I feel tired as usual so I'll say goodnight love sweet dreams.

 Well love here I am again. I've just got the kiddies of to bed and I feel like a wet rag. I ache all over and feel tired out with not a spot of energy left. I'm not so well but it's never made me feel so useless for years. I worked hard Last week  in the garden and in the home and I guess I've spent all my reserve energy. I shall feel better after I've been to bed, don't worry.

 Sheila and Michael are showing signs of chickenpox so I guess they have got it alright. They have been playing out in the sunshine this afternoon. Michael loves playing with them and he likes the football. We saw a lot of bombers going over this morning but they were going over towards ßelgrave Rd. It's the first time I've seen them heading that way. Well love, I can't seem to concentrate on this letter so I'll say Goodnight. God bless you dear and send you home to us very soon. All my love to you, your loving wife and family

April 24th 1944

Thanks for cameo's there grand.

Here I am curled up on the settee sucking a buttered mint, Bernice has just come up to see how Sheila is, after being to the pictures and Michael keeps giving a pitiful cry in the hope that I will bring him down but he's on a rocker, he's been down for the last two nights, I expect it's with him not being very well and he'll be alright in a day or so.

Sheila seems a bit better today, poor kid she's had spots all over in her mouth,ears and even on her botty as she calls it. I haven't had much sleep the last two nights with her so I hope she is better tonight. Michael hasn't many spots and I don't think he'll have many more as they have filled up. I hope he doesn't as they are irritating. Keith is looking better. It was funny love, I took them on Easter Saturday to get a photo done for you, I think it will be alright too, but will take another month before it is ready. I just got it done in time so if  Keith looks a bit seedy on it you'll know why as his spots came out that night. 

By the way love your pictures are not as old as "My Favorite Wife" is on at the Odeon this week.

Bob hasn't come home yet and I couldn't understand you when you said you had a letter just before he left Gib. Did he tell you that , his last letter home said they wasn't to write until they heard from him again. Tom has now got a SPO number so he's for the second front alright, I bet Glady's is worried to death, I should be. Percy is that way too, but I told you that before.

You didn't tell me love that you had caught up with you but I read your mums letter, the news was a bit stale wasn't it.

Well love Michael is still withering and Sheila has just woke up and wants her spots dabbing so I'd better say goodnight (what a B. life )

Well love it's now Wednesday night and once more life is bright again. The kiddies I'm glad to say are a lot better and I've caught up with my sleep so will be starting my treatment again tomorrow after a break of  three weeks. I also had your airmail today to make things better and a double ration of eggs and the weather has been grand today.

I think some of my letters must have gone astray love as I sent word that I had your shaving kit etc. just three weeks after you sent it. I also mentioned that I had the fences creosoted. 

Keith gets quite lovable these days, you should see me in bed with them all in the mornings. Sheila wants to have some fuss and Michael elbows her out of the way and then Keith pushes her off and she usually ends up on my knees. Michael is not particular as he sometimes sits on my face, he loves to be outside with Keith and Sheila, he trotted about today until he could hardly wobble.

 When I took Sheila's socks off tonight she said pointing to her little toe " the boys hurt me there". I have to laugh at her but cheeky isn't the word for her, you'll have something to put up with love when you get back to us. Keith  says he doesn't like football but I hope he alters his tone when you get home to teach him the pleasures of playing football.

I regret to say that I still do not like football !

Mam has been up today and they are all keeping well at home, she hasn't heard from Bob again. I don't think the lads need worry a lot about the girls and yanks here. There are some being married but the majority of the girls they pick up, our lads wouldn't look twice at. The best was a married yank whose girlfriend in England had quinns. I think most of the yanks will be out of England after this week by the looks of things. I know it will mean a lot of heartaches but the sooner the second front starts the sooner it will all be over.

The bluebells are out in the garden and the tulips are out in bud. The shallots look well and I have peas, onions and beet through. I've still to set the spuds. My mother said today I was getting fat as the skirt I bought last year takes a bit of buttoning up. I said it's a good job my husbands not home as you might think things.

I feel now love that things are getting easier as Michael hasn't wet the bed for over a week, remember last year when I said nappies for two more years and you said at least, don't forget no more so be prepared.

The first time I went to the fair they played 'Night and Day' and today I was thinking of you love as a girl sang it on workers playtime.

Well love I am sorry you have had to wait a week for this but you know how it is. God bless you and bring you safely home to us. Sheila gave me a real spotty kiss for you tonight. 

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May 1st 1944

I was pleased to get an air mail from you dated 20th April today and it certainly changed my mood a little as I had been properly down in the dumps these last few days. I think it must be the fact of so much wanting doing at one time, there's the garden, Michael wants some pyjamas making, Sheila's dress to finish and endless jobs to do. I feel I should like to go away from it all for a fortnight, it will be two years when you receive this letter that our home has been broken and it looks like two more before we can sit back and say thank god that's all over. Its very depressing at times, I know its bad for you too love, but when your jobs done it's finished, my job is never finished.

Tonight I've put paid to two jobs, I've set two stones of earlies (potatoes) and cut Michael's pyjamas out, Mabel is going to overlock them for me. Mr. S has cut the front lawn, I was thinking of letting it out for courting couples, he suggested the borders need turning over to make a decent job of them. I think it would be best as I could never get all the grass out with a hand fork.

I found a white hair in my head need you wonder. I look about sixty well at least feel like it.

Keith started to school today and Sheila and Michael seemed more settled, you wouldn't have recognized Sheila last week with her spots and her face seemed little and thin and her dark eyes dreamy.

Well love its now Wednesday and mam has just gone home and I'll be fetching Keith in shortly. Sheila and Michael are asleep. I had to see Dr. Airey today he says there's a slight improvement and that with constant attention we shall be able to cure it.

Mam heard from Bob and he's disappointed he won't be coming home after all, but is likely to be running into you, poor Bob I bet he could have wept, shall you write to him love his present address is 40 BSD R.A.S.C. Foun Range South Gibralter. Our mail only goes by sea to Gibralter now. Our Harold's lads photo was in the Mercury last night, he had been fighting the Jerries, well his ship had, The Black prince.

I bought a new costume this afternoon, a blue one, with the money you sent at Christmas.

I took Keith and John to the Tudor last night to see ' My Friend Flicka' in technicolour, not a bad film all about horses.

Michael begins to chatter quite a bit now, he lets me know when its chocolate or biscuits he wants. When I bring him down in the morning I always put him in the chair while I pull the blackout open and he chatters and points up to the cupboard for a biscuit, there's the dickens to play if they have all gone. I finish it by giving him a bit of cheese. He's really a little love and gets very saucy. I hope the photo of them turns out OK.

 I was playing 'Inky Pinky' with Sheila so she says no it's not that it's 'Micky Mouse bought ee house how much ud ee cost'. She gets everything that Keith plays at, she sings one piece that Bernice plays so we shall be able to perform when you come home.

Keith is now in bed after having a story from out of 'Panda at the Fair' I shall be glad when you can take charge of the bedtime stories love. You should see Keith's boots, they are taring and gravelling the road so you can imagine what they are like.

By the way in case you haven't heard I received the parcel with the beads, bracelet and oranges in, all in good condition. Sheila has got the bracelet on in the photo. You say in your letter that all you will be able to do is sit back and admire us all, but don't kid yourself love, you won't get a chance to sit back.

Fancy hearing from Elsie Burnham, is she alright and any family yet. I was pleased to hear Bill Parker's news I'll let you know if I hear anything.

We certainly get some planes over these days but the gliders are the ones I like the best, there were nearly forty skimming the housetops on Monday, a grand sight.

Mam and Mabel have had an airgraph from you this week. I want to write to Bob tonight. It has been very cold today. Keith seemed pleased tonight he said his own teacher had come back and she's the best in the school, she had been away for several weeks. His nerves seem a lot better it must have been with him being run down.

Well love another letter almost finished I shall be glad when we don't have to write our thoughts anymore, but can just sit by the fire and talk (or read) after our family are safely tucked in bed, still as you say love that day will dawn.

Goodnight love, keep smiling, all my love is yours.

By the way we thought C & E meant Connie and Eric's HQ

May 8th 1944

I was pleased to get your airmail today dated 30/4 and your airgraph arrived on Friday, that means I had a reply in fourteen days. I don't think we shall do better than that do you love.

It was funny you should ask me to get something for your mother out of the 10/- from the wardens post as I bought a badge like mine for her this afternoon (7/6d) so I shall give it to her from you instead and give her some money from me. Peggy didn't have anything to pay. I have almost finished Sheila's dress, a pretty blue taffeta with three frills for the skirt and two little pink bows at the waist and buttons at the back and I shall put two pink bows in her hair, out of an old dress it's not too bad. I am going to try and make her one out of my wedding dress and myself a blouse to go with my new costume.

Keith thanks you for his airgraph and says he will write to you soon. Sheila says the next one is hers. Sheila and Keith seem to have colds, the weather is so changeable, I have given them some linctus and hope they are bit better tomorrow. 

Mr. S has just been tidying the flower beds on the front and dug them over for me, they look much better. I have washed quite a lot today and been to the Infirmary but apart from looking after my chicks that's all I have done.

I seem a bit unlucky with my tulips this year Keith knocked four off with the football, I knocked one off whilst weeding this morning. Michael was admiring the garden and took the head off one, I must say though he did his best to put it on again.

You've gone a bit highbrow haven't you with going to the opera, did you put your evening dress on, you'll be able to spin some yarns when you come home. 

I have sent a few Mercury's this weekend and a Wyggeston magazine. There has been a terrible tragedy in Leicester this week as two boys aged six were missing  a week yesterday and shelters, static water tanks, train wagons and anything likely to hide them was searched. They found them this morning quite by accident in a box seat of a railway van at Campbell Street. It was only 22 inches high by 13 wide and 29 long and fastened with a staple lock. Apparently they were playing at some game and the lid fell and got fastened, isn't it terrible love.

I told Keith you had seen Sandy Powell and he said really, he couldn't believe it. I haven't had the kiddies photo yet I expect they will be two or three weeks yet, but will send them straight off to you when they do arrive. I don't remember whether that Bernice and we bought Peggy a table lamp for a present.

I'll say goodnight love and try to finish this off tomorrow.

Well here I am love after a very mixed night, Michael was tossing about all night long as he has some rather large heat spots and they were irritating the poor lad and the planes were going over rather low and in such quantities that I got out once or twice to see them. I saw some with lights on about 12.30am. I feel in need of a sleep today and I'm glad now I did the washing yesterday.

Sheila is busy washing the breakfast pots for me and Michael is chasing around amusing himself with anything he can find. Sheila went to Butlins with Mrs. Keeling and saw the lion they have now. I've promised Keith I'll meet him out of school today and take him to see it. Michael keeps bringing me a paper and saying such a string of mixed words with it, we've got a couple of Horaces now and they take a bit of understanding.

I had an airgraph today from Jack Turvey dated 27/4 he said he had heard from you. I'll just leave off to dry the pots.

Well love that's the pots and Michael is now yelling for chocolate, having been satisfied he's doing a little dance with Sheila. Your mother said on Friday that Michael was getting your share of love from me, as he kicks up if anyone else fusses me or if I leave him, but he soon gets over it.

Well the time is getting on and I should like this letter to go this morning hen Oliver calls, so I'll say Goodnight love all my love is for you and when that day dawns we'll smile together, God bless you dear and keep you safe for us.

May 12th 1944

Well love its 9.30pm and I'm sitting writing this letter with the window wide open, the weather has been glorious the last two days, but I hardly dare say so. I've put Sheila a summer dress on for the first time today and she said "ah! Eila looks like old moffer riley". It's your mothers birthday today and I took her the broach this afternoon, she was very pleased with it and said she always wanted one. She was in bed today as she has slight lumbago but seems very well apart from that.

Gladys is coming for the day tomorrow, Tom came to see me yesterday as he had 24 hours leave. I felt very sorry for him as he almost broke down, he said it's the waiting that makes the fellows jittery. I'm thankful love that so far you haven't had to face that, of course we don't know what's before us, we must just hope that we will see each other again within 12 months at any rate. You know love that Tom is front-line so just give him a thought when the time comes. I don't know how I would be love if I was in Gladys place.

Last night planes were going over for hours it seemed and I spent quite a while leaning on my elbows at the open bedroom window in the middle of the night watching them go out. Each morning I expect to hear they have started. By the way love did you know they had started an offensive in Italy, I thought I'd better mention it in case.

Wal Yates is now in Libya so you may come across him yet. This week is salute the soldier week and there's a big parade in town tomorrow and the soldiers are doing their stuff on Abbey Park on Sunday. Remember the last time we saw the soldiers there, was it ten years ago or twenty or merely just nine months ago. I do miss you love, we never realized how well off we were in peace time, when we could go to bed with a peaceful mind and sleep, no blackouts ,no fear that planes were going over to have an accident just above you. That was my thought last night as quite a few do crash on houses.

Well love so far my letter is not too cheerful, I think I'd better leave it and see how I wake up tomorrow. Goodnight love.

It's now Sunday 2.30pm and I've just finished your cake. Keith has gone to play with Johns meccano and Michael and Sheila are playing in the sitting room. It is too cold for them to play outside today. Gladys came for the day yesterday she looks better than she has done for some time, she is very worried though over Tom. Mr. And Mrs. S. were going to take the lads to Bradgate Park yesterday but they couldn't get on a bus so finished having their tea on Abbey Park. Its as well they did for it rained quite hard after tea.

Sheila has got Mrs. Mofips of Tommy Handley's show off, with her T.T.F.N. she does look saucy and Michael has started dancing when there's any music on the wireless.  Did you hear them mention Leicester's parade on the 9 o'clock news last night.

Michael measures 30 ½'' and Sheila's 38" but I haven't been able to have them weighed for some time now. I haven't had there photos yet but Bernice has had hers so they won't be long. Peggy and Bernice are getting excited over the wedding as Bernice is having her hair permed and there was her dress fitting last week. Have they given you an account of what everyone is wearing. Percy has been home this weekend on 24 hours. Sheila and Michael have come in now and are larking about with some balls that aunt Mabel gave them. Michael loves a ball or a brush, they are both getting brown but Michael will never be as brown as Sheila. They have taken my mind off this letter love so I think I had better say goodnight love as they are fighting now over something. I have just asked Michael to let me have a look at his teeth and the little monkey was too pleased at a chance to bite.

God bless you love and see you safely home so you can sit and admire your work of national importance

With Olive's mother

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May 15th 1944

I was pleased to get your airmail dated 2nd this afternoon it made me smile when you said you had met a Leicester fellow and then found out he knew me, do you remember on our honeymoon how we met one then and you said " I can't even bring you on our honeymoon without meeting some chap you know". I remember him but it was H Ilsley who lived next door to him. Just remember me to him , it's a small world isn't it love, but I hope you don't muck out too much of my dark past during your travels and want a divorce when you arrive home.

I don't' know if it was wrong about the Yanks babies but I know there was four, is that quads or quins? 

I did get the scent OK love and I am saving the last few spots for the wedding and then I suppose Keith, Sheila and Michael will want some. It is very dull tonight love and cold too, we had the siren last night, just a short one , Keith woke but fell sleep again before the all clear. I thought perhaps the second front had happened. We went to the park yesterday afternoon but Keith stayed and played with John. I'm glad he did love as there were three planes stunting and one crashed, it was terrible to see love and looked for all the world where we were it was going on the opposite crowd. The park soon cleared and everyone looked sad with the thoughts of the poor chap in it. It fell on the railway embankment at the side of Blackbird  Post Office. No one else was injured but the poor fellow was killed.

I have bathed the kiddies tonight and they all looked sweet. Michael with his new pyjamas that Auntie Mabel made. Since we have been home this afternoon Michael keeps diving for our legs, I'm sure he will make a footballer what with bumping his head at us and now low tackles, he loves to tickle us especially if we have no stockings on.

Keith has lost his two front teeth they came out when he was having his tea in the park on Saturday. I told Sheila you had thanked her for her spotty kisses and she said " eila hasn't anymore now" so you've had it. This lousy pen makes it hard work to write. Percy was home on 24hrs on Saturday.

I think I'll get my supper love, I wish you were with me love to share it with me, cheese and a little bit of Sundays joint and a cup of cocoa made with milk, still you will be one of these bright days eh love. Goodnight love.

Well here I am again it's a showery day today although I did a bit of washing this morning its still wet but the sun has come out now and its warmer, I hope the rain keeps off. I'm just going to have a cup of tea and then fetch my money. A card has just arrived from you for Sheila and she was pleased with it, Michael wanted it and the photos also arrived. I think it's a grand photo and will be sending one off to you tonight. I'm glad I wasn't on it or it would have been spoiled. I shall call in Mabels

I shall call in Mabels tonight if I do manage to get out. By the way the lilac has ten blooms on it, we should have a nice tree one day. When I went down Barton Road the old lady who lives opposite Mrs Quinn asked me how we were and said the children grow, I said they do and she said "that's credit due to you" so I walked the rest of the way with my head up and shoulders straight.  I also met Mrs Taylor and she thought that bloke Clarke was a pall of her brothers but she would find out and thanked me for mentioning it.

Mabel had two seamail letters from you today and I forgot to mention I had another airmail this morning dated 7th. You've got a bit mixed as usual. Its Keith that your mother is holding not Sheila, I bet the photos are getting a bit worn love and I bet this new one will soon be as well. I've posted it tonight so if you keep this letter you'll see how long it takes.

Keith has lost another tooth and I've told him he'll have to wear your old set. I'm pleased to hear you are looking after yourself , is Cpl Dickinson still with you. Your last letters have been censored by the same man so I bet he looks forward to the rest of the serial.

I have asked Peggy to do as you required, the Sunday you wrote that letter it was nice and we had the deckchair out and Bernice was sitting in it while I did the hedging. Big Ben is just striking 9pm.

Well love its no good I shall just have to get a different pen as this ones a pig. Did you know we were having a pay rise from May 1st , each child 12/- and 35/- for a wife with family. I don't know how much I shall get as the hardship is being raised to 22/- a unit, still I should know next week.

All my love to you dear, sweet dreams and God bless you.

21st May 1944

I was pleased to get another airmail yesterday dated 13th May, making three last week. We are not going out today as it's dull and very cold. I hope it clears up for next Saturday or we shall all be shivering. Mabel, Bernice and my family went with me yesterday to buy a hat and shoes to go with my new costume. I had a quite perky hat that doesn't fit my head, just lodges on my forehead and holds on with a band at the back, a blue one, more of a dark royal and my shoes are about the same shade. I have made a blouse out of my wedding dress and I shall only need some gloves now.

Peggy fetched their dresses yesterday. They are lovely, Bernice and Les's cousin in dusky pink and Kath in blue, she looks grand in it. It's a pity her mothers not here she would have been proud of her. Harry bought a new suit yesterday and Les got his from the tailors, they should have had it a month ago and began to wonder if they would get it in time for the wedding. Mabel has a navy dress and hat and your mother has a wine coloured one so that's the masons' all ready. 

Everyone who has seen the photo says how good it is and it beats even those you already have. I think it's worth an enlargement. How long do you think it will take to reach you? I'm longing to hear what you think of it.

I have had my increase from the army, up to now I am getting 16/9d but I expect a decrease in the hardship allowance, we don't get any extra now for years of service and we lose the 3/6d you got for passing the clerks test. Its all reckoned in and every wife with a family gets 35/- a week whether the husbands been away one week or four years. So when they finish I shall be lucky if I get the extra for the children.

Michael has just been in to tell me that he put something he shouldn't in his mouth. You have to laugh because he comes out with such a string of words and then I ask him where it is and he opens his hand and give me whatever he's been sucking. Mabel was in stitches at him yesterday as he was chattering away all the time and when we were in Woolworths she asked him what he had said and it sounded like  'buga, buga, buga. I said I must have done a lot of expressing my thoughts inwardly while I was carrying him.

I was saying at dinnertime that Sheila was always the one to get into mischief and Keith said 'yes and I'm always the one to be awkward.' Bernice has just blown in with the wind. She expects to have her tea and get out of going to church by doing so. She's a proper schemer, by the way she has sent you a photo along with mine also we will try to get a Chronicle if there is a picture of Peggy's wedding in to send you.

I have just bathed the family once more and left Sheila to brush her hair while I dried Keith and Bernice brought her a cup of  cocoa up she said " isn't me beautiful" she'll get by. 

I'm trying to write this on my knee but it is not very successful, I'll try now on the arm of the big chair, Bernice is looking around for something to read. Winnie and Iris haven't come up tonight, but Iris's young man is expected home on leave, she has made it up with her Sgt air gunner. She thinks a lot of him and I hope he's worth it.

Harry L set the potatoes for me this morning so that's a bit more towards the summer produce, the peas don't look to healthy but Mrs. S's  cat is always on them it's a nuisance, the bluebells and tulips have looked a picture this year. Harry put me four astors in.

Your mam is a lot better this weekend, her back was bad last Saturday, I  just hope it doesn't stop her seeing Peggy getting married next Saturday. I hope you will soon get a photo to send to me, I might get one of myself when I'm in town sometime.

I'm glad you have written to Bob, I've sent a letter but it had to go by surface mail as we can't send airmails to Gib. Now. We seem to be doing well in Italy, who knows this war may end this year after all. There's one thing love the children will be old enough to take out after tea when you come home and we should be able to give them some fun. I think Keith misses you now love as after tea I have Sheila and Michael to look after and then it's almost time for Keith to get ready for bed himself, where he could have a bit of fun if you were home, he notices with John and his daddy. It can't be helped love though.
All my love to you dear .

May 28th 1944

Well love I'm sorry I've been so long in writing. But as you know this week has been a very busy one trying to get ready in time for the wedding yesterday and then I also did a bit of baking for Mabel. 

Everything went off well at Peggy's wedding and the church was fuller than for a normal service, I wish you'd been there with us, Michael was a little tartar at teatime but got thoroughly spoilt afterward and you should have Miss Sheila, oh I forgot it wasn't exactly our show. Peggy looked lovely and the bridesmaid too. Harry and Les looked smart in their navy suits and Mabel looked nice in navy. There was plenty to eat and drink and brother Bill was doing his stuff in entertaining. Peggy and Les have gone to Buxton for the week and it looks as if they will have a nice week.

It's very hot today so we have decided to have a lazy afternoon and stay in. Michael and Sheila aren't very sweet today as they were late going to bed last night. Keith seems alright but as usual haven't seen much of him he's too busy playing with John.

I was pleased to receive your airmail dated 18th on Friday and to see you celebrated your second anniversary so pleasantly starting with your egg and bacon and then having to walk so far to get it down. I was sorry to hear you lost my pencil but I would have been sorrier to hear you had lost the pen I sent. Do things just vanish or is it your good memory.

I had a very nice letter from Mrs. Dickinson this week, she has been having some trouble with the kiddies what with the baby teething and the boy needing his tonsils attending to. So you see love we are all in the same boat, so hurry this war up a bit. Its teatime now and as I want the kiddies off to be earlier I better get tea ready.

Well love its Monday and very hot again, I didn't have a chance to finish this after tea as Michael didn't give me much peace until I went to bed and then I had to smack him to make him lay down. I guess it was too hot for him and he's cutting his teeth. Winnie and Iris said they were coming for the day and so far haven't  turned up (2pm). I shall get the kiddies ready when Michael wakes and go out, it will serve them right. Bill, Madge and Janet called in this morning, they have to go back tonight as Madge goes to work in the morning. Bernice is going with them until Sunday so Mabel will feel lost without her family. Ernie is getting on fine and is expecting to go back to Northampton during this week. I don't know if Cath will be able to get there as well as they have married quarters there.

Well love this letter is very patchy I went down to Mabel's this afternoon and we went to see if Peggy's photos were ready but the shop was shut. Your mam and Nora had been  up home and called in Mabels', Bill and Madge came in for Bernice, then after tea Mabel went with us to the fair and gave the kiddies a couple of rides.  We tried our luck at the darts but didn't win anything. We took Michael on the dodgems, he liked it and it's the first time he has been on anything. The kiddies have gone to bed and Mabel is now laid out on one of the shelter beds. I told her she looked if she was laid out, but she said she was just recuperating after her strenuous week.

Sheila has had a boil on her bottom but it broke today, she wanted a ride in the pushchair tonight so we put her and Michael in it together. Michaels hair seems fairer and quite curly since he has been able to go without a hat. There doesn't seem a lot to say love or my brain has got a lazy spell. Bill wanted to know how many service stripes you had as he thought you would get some for civil defence service. 

I'll have to finish this letter love as I want it to go tonight and the news has just come on and Mabel will soon be going. It sounds a bit thundery on the wireless tonight, we saw a parachute over Anstey way and heard that two planes had collided sure seem to be having some shocks lately. Spurways has had a big fire again and they have only just gone back to work there .

Goodnight love I'll try to do better next time, god bless you and keep safe for me. 

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4th June 1944

I'll just start this letter while the dinner is cooking, greens, new potatoes, pork and apple sauce. and I guess I will have to eat most of it myself apart from Michael's share. The kids are having a noisy time. There's John and Brian besides our own three. It's a good job my temper is a bit sweet this morning.

I don't seem to be getting much time for writing these days . It's after eight when Keith gets to bed and then I clear up and do odd jobs that need attention and I then feel ready for bed. I have felt very tired the last few nights.

Harry had Michael and Sheila for me last night while I went to the pictures with Mabel and keith. Bernice is still in Birmingham. It was quite a change but it wasn't that which tired me. I was ironing until nearly ten and the kiddies missed their bath.

Sheila went to the pictures with Auntie Nora and she was thrilled because she had seen Italy where her daddy is and told everyone about it. It was the first thing she asked me when she got home if I had ever seen Italy.

We have quite a few roses on the bushes this year. There are ten out on the Daily Mail one and over ten on the other one. There are a lot of buds still to come out. We have five yellow ones and four blue ones. The beetroot and onions are not too good but there will be enough as I am the only one who eats them. The raspberry canes are loaded with blossom and I look like having plenty of those.

Well, love, that's another Sunday dinner over and now Michael is in bed and Keith and Sheila are outside building things with some old mineral cases and bits of wood. I don't think we shall go out this afternoon. I might take them out after tea for a stroll if the rain keeps off. It's very blustery.

I though I would ask your mother up for a week. It might be a bit quieter for her as she does not seem to have picked up much sine her last bout of lumbago.

I expect by the time you get this you will have received the photos and I want to know your feelings when you get them as your mam and Mabel said you would feel like weeping when you get them. I hope you have been able to get yours done but what a price. I am sending a few copies of the Leicester Mercury and the Chronicle with Peggy's picture in it and also a copy of Faires magazine which they sent me.

Harry Quinn sends his best to you. I had to ask him to fit my towel rail back up and he also mended Sheila's barrow. There's one thing about him, he never minds doing little jobs for me and he does it well too. he was pulling my leg when I was weeding the onions and carrots but I think they look better for it !

I have not seen Lilian yet but hope to get up there sometime. Mrs. Woodcock is still going strong. You should see me with my hair curled around my head. I'll perhaps get a photo done, still you wouldn't even notice if you were at home.

I don't know if I told you in the last letter but I got a 16/9 increase in my pay from the Army. So far, I haven't heard of nay decrease in the hardship but I should not be suprised. You know what the army is like.

Peggy and Les enjoyed their honeymoon and both looked as if the change did them good. I forgot to tell you that Peggy wore the stockings you sent and Les his tie. It looked very nice and not a bit showy as you thought it might.

It is janet's birthday today and John's was on Thursday and Bernice's last Tuesday. She starts work in August. She looks lovely on Peggy's photo. They turned out very well. If Peggy can keep the proofs she will send one but they only do big prints and if she sent one to you you wouldn't know where to put it.

I managed to get a quarter pound of Strawberries last week. keith and Sheila were thrilled by them but Michael was not too sure.

I've just had to fetch them in as they are fighting. It's always the same when I am trying to get something done. Well they have put me off writing now so I'll say goodnight and keep smiling.

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7th June 1944

Well love at long last the day of invasion has dawned and I was never so thankful that you were away from England it has meant ten months of speculation for some but I wouldn't have wanted you to face what those lads must be facing now.

I had a letter this afternoon from Gladys and she says she feels better now it has started and will be glad when she hears Tom has made a safe landing she must be very worried and I feel grieved for her. Our Winnies husband should have rung her up on Sunday night but failed to do so, so it makes you wonder if he went as well. I don't know how Percy stands but will pass any news on to you.

We had some good news this week Bob arrived home yesterday or should I say expected to. Mam hasn't seen him yet but Elsie came to see her when she had the telegram yesterday morning. They are all excited as you could expect them to be. We won't bother to get excited when you send your telegram, not half we won't !

I received airmail dated 27th on Monday and thought the photo was grand I've about took the print off with looking at it and when I showed it to Sheila and asked who it was she said "my daddy" and began kissing it for all she was worth. Keith didn't say a lot just that he wished it was you really and we soon got Michael on saying daddy.

Keith received his birthday cards complete with the photos with the postmark 30th May he laughed when I said you sent them expecting them to take a long time by sea and then they sent them quickly by air. The little bit of dirt gives you the Ronald Coleman touch love but for all that I shouldn't like to kiss you with that on. I am keeping the head and shoulders one although I said to Mabel tonight I could see more of you on the other one, I think I said all of you and she smiled and said not quite. I said it was perhaps as well I was taking them up to your mam on Friday. I shall give your mam, Nora, Mabel, Oliver and my mother one. Bill will have to have one another time.

Have you got our childrens photo yet? 

I have been to see Dr Airey today about my arm, he was very pleased with it, he painted a bit again with some acid stuff as he was very satisfied with the result last time. It's nice to know it's responding to the treatment. I wish it could be better for when you come home, but I don't mean for the war to last long but my arm to get well quickly. 

Keith hasn't had his other card yet and by the way love do you remember you have written it in double and Keith can only read printing. I think I'll go to bed now, goodnight love.

I have just made the beds lit the fire and Sheila has washed up for me, I have also put Sheila a clean dress and knickers and hair ribbons on so she is little girl blue now. I have combed Michaels hair after a struggle, he's like Keith and doesn't like being made clean.

It looks as though the weather is going to pick up again, I hope so as it's so cold, there seem a stillness about since the second front started, I suppose it's the planes we miss. There has been  a few go over just above the housetops not long ago and yesterday about 20 went over with white markings on the body, they are the troop carriers and they were heading south.

When Sheila saw the full length photo she said "ain't um funny" her latest song is "Maresitotes" but I bet it hasn't come your way yet, it's a silly little song in childish talk but very catchy.

Well love I still have work to do, I feel a bit tired today and might give the infirmary a miss today with going yesterday. Michael is busy trying to see how the centre draw in the machine works. 

I had better say "goodnight" love once more, look after yourself love. Your ever loving wife and family.

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12th June 1944

I had your letter today dated 4th June and pleased to know you are OK though a little overworked but as long as its all to get this war over with quicker I know you won't grumble.

Keith is getting ready for bed and he asked me to tell you he had weeded his garden tonight. I also moved a few weeds, you'll have to work hard to keep up the standard when you come home as the garden looks quite tidy.

The kiddies are keeping well although I think we all need a lot more sunshine as I have felt off colour this week and everything seems like hard work. Now the sun has come out so perhaps tomorrow it might turn warm once more, it's been as cold as winter for nearly a fortnight.

I didn't go to the infirmary on Thursday but have been today. I haven't seen Bob yet, I hope he comes to see me, if his wife lets him. Gladys hasn't heard from Tom yet and she hasn't had his belongings back so we don't know if he has gone or not. We are having a happy event in the family from Cath and Ernie that's all I know yet. 

A glider has just gone over and two planes with the white invasion marks on. I saw a few fly over this afternoon, we seem to be doing well all round. They have brought a lot of the wounded to Leicester, I've heard quite a few comments on them, poor fellows. 

Mabel and Bernice have just come up so I'll leave this a bit.

Well love I have just had my supper and just heard the troops are doing well and now after the war report has finished Tommy Handley is on, are you listening?

I noticed on Saturday that they had put a peacetime light at the corner of Barton Road so at least someone is expecting things to happen. By the way love Kath took the snap to work and your dear Agnes thought you looked older and very worried and she didn't like the bit of dirt, so we now both look older love. We'll show them  when we get back to normal.

Mabel has sent Peggy's photo, they have put the wrong name for Les, but it's still him, she cut it out of the Chronicle as someone else has it each week. They had St. Augustine's room for the reception.

Winnie and Iris came up last night, Winnie's husband is helping with the wounded but Iris's young man was taking a glider over, she heard from him after he came back, but those lads will be out quite a lot I expect. This invasion has worried me a lot, I can't help but think of all the poor lads making the landings and having to fight even before their feet were on firm ground. It takes a war to make us realize how well off we were in peacetime. 

I didn't tell you about the night Michael was playing with my halibut oil capsules in a screw top bottle. He took them upstairs, something made me forget to take them off him, but later I heard the bottle fall on the floor and he soon started crying. When I went up the top was off the bottle and I was ten to fifteen capsules short. Michael fairly reeked of oil, luckily they did no harm to him, he's a rascal for eating something he sees lying around and often goes out and eats what I've left for the birds. He's always amongst the coal but he's a clean lad in his habits. He was making Winnie and Iris laugh last night as he was sitting on Sheila's dolls cot in his pyjamas and was putting the cover under his chin. Then his toes would stick out so he tried to cover them but then the cover would come from under his chin, he tried for quite a while first one way and then the other. I should have loved you to have seen him, he's so sweet, still I suppose you can see that from the photo.

Sheila is getting very brown so if we get any sun this summer she will be about black again, she made me smile today as one day Mrs. Keeling gave me a cup of tea so today she said to Mrs. Keeling " have you plenty of tea today" and when she nodded, Sheila turned to me and said "come in mummy she's plenty of tea". So I had a cup of tea today as well. 

Well love it's bedtime again and I am glad I have finished this in one night as it seems so long getting finished if I leave it. God bless you dear and keep you safe for us all. 

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16th June 1944

I had your letter today dated 8th June I see you are still enjoying sunshine I wish we could have a bit here its like an October day  today again.

You mention that to ease the monotony you went to a dance and hope you haven't broken a promise to me. Well in the first place there was no such promise just an understanding between us that I have kept, you may say I haven't had a chance but you are wrong. The other week I told Mabel I'd love to go to a dance and she offered to have the children while I went one Saturday afternoon with Bernice, but your dear wife thought her husband wouldn't like it so she refused but I'm the least to say disappointed that you couldn't resist the same.

Your excuse I note for going was all the chaps in the tent went, I hope you don't just have to do what everyone else does or are you still as old, your wife comes last or should I say her wishes, or is it when chaps get together they play follow the leader. You will no doubt say I am being awkward but will not stop to think that my life here gets very monotonous besides worrying at times.

I have just had to clear sick up after Sheila and yesterday I had all the bedclothes to wash as Keith had been sick all over the place apart from the fact that for almost a fortnight I haven't been feeling well myself but have to just carry on in the same day to day existence. I know I have all the things you miss but if you had had them for two years without anyone's help you would find the shine goes off, just the same as anything else.

I don't think for a moment that you do wrong I trust you but all the same I don't think you would like it if the positions were changed, you will perhaps still go to dances and decide not to say anything about it but I'd sooner know as that would only lead to trouble between us.

Sheila has just been sick again, I don't know whats wrong with us all it must be a lack of sunshine.

Bob came to see me this afternoon but I was out, just my luck. We have something else to put up with from  Hitler lets hope its not too long before we can put a finish to the devil as everyone is heartily sick of war.

Gladys hasn't heard from Tom yet so she doesn't know where he is what a worry it must be for her.

Well Eric as its after eleven I better close I don't feel in the mood for writing any pleasant things that may have cropped up since my last letter so I'll say goodnight. God bless you and keep you safe for us. With love and kisses from your loving wife and family.

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21stJune 1943

Mrs. Woodcock has had a boy, Peter

I received your airmail dated the 13th yesterday, you seem to be doing well lately in meeting folks from Leicester, it might break the monotony a bit for you, my pen nib has just broken, curse it.

Well love the weather doesn't get any better, each night after tea it gets a little warmer and the next morning is as cold as ever. 

Keith had his card yesterday from you and thought it was very nice and Miss Sheila was as thrilled as usual and suddenly stood up in the fireside chair, I wondered what was up until I saw that the girl on the card was doing the same you see how quick she is. Talking of her quickness when she throws a ball she is like lightning she will make a fast bowler.

Keith is all excited about his birthday party, there will be John and David, Nora's three, Glady's two, Bernice and our own three and Winnie and Iris will be up about 6pm. I will make a cake for him so I expect you will be thinking of us then. Keith called me a few minutes ago and said he didn't feel very well but he's off to sleep again now.

Michael has been whittery the last two days I don't know what's the matter with him I hardly think it's his teeth as he's cut them all at least for the time being.

Sheila was poorly all day Sunday she was asleep on the settee most of the day and I had to nurse her a bit but I think it must have be some sort of cold going around as Mabel was up with Bernice on Sunday night, she was very sick. We shall be alright one of these days I hope. Bernice has got a job this week at Adderleys in the work room and she is quite thrilled about it.

Mrs. Woodcock has gone to the home today but up to now I haven't heard anything yet if I do before I send this letter I'll put what she has.

I haven't asked you mam up yet as I haven't felt like troubling to put the bed down and she hasn't decided about going to Veras.

I had a letter from Gladys and she said she had a letter from Tom, he didn't say he was in Normandy but said he had only had one letter from her and his letter was marked by the field post office on active service, so she guessed he was there, still she was pleased to know he had made the landing OK.

Sheila has been busy washing her doll and she washed the letter for dinner, she washes the pots every morning and does the job thoroughly.

Keith has made me a calender with a match box and matchsticks and a little book calender, he made it at home and thought it out himself. I think he will be an inventor when he grows up.

I have been cleaning the coalhouse out tonight. There were three kiddies besides our own helping me so  you can imagine the time I had. I then took Sheila and Michael round to Mr. Saunders to have their hair cut, it's the  first time for Michael, he does look a proper boy now without his curls.

Have you got the photo yet I sent word to Faire's  that you had met Frank Hall.

Your 3d a day increase love goes with my 16/9d increase. A woman was telling me in the post office that she had a 7/6d increase and next week her grant goes down 8/-. There's  one thing they can only take 13/- off me and then I've finished.

Saunders cat has put paid to the peas but I have another couple of rows coming through and the kidney beans are showing but everything needs a good soaking. This wind dries every bit of moisture out of the ground.

My arm is still open where the doctor painted it a fortnight ago and is very sore, but I feel a bit better myself. It must be the late nights I have had lately, I rarely get off to bed before eleven it's almost that now again so I'll say goodnight love.

Bob came to see me on Monday morning he say's that Gib has put years on him and hopes he is not going back there although he looks well but a little tired which is expected after two and a half years.

God bless you love and lots of kisses from the kiddies
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25th June 1944 

Well love another birthday has passed, that makes three he has had without you. Let's hope his next one will be made happier with you at home. He's had a good time and a nice party today. I made a real birthday cake, two blancmanges, a jelly, and Bernice and I made about thirty cakes and the same number of jam tarts and we gave them lettuce (homegrown) and tomato sandwiches so I think they did well for war time. Keith said to tell you that we had the last of your jelly. 

He was very excited yesterday and waiting for the postman on the doorstep and then when he came he hadn't anything for him, poor kid he was so disappointed but there is one thing about Keith he stands a disappointment fine. I told him that he may have one in the afternoon so we had to hang on for the postman. Luckily he had two for him. Mine was too late for the post so I put it against the door and granny bought hers up while he was at the pictures so hers went with mine and he was delighted when he saw them. 

He had 7/- and a book from John and 4/6 in savings stamps. I was hoping to get his bike for him but I feel that Mrs. Quinn has let me down. You see in the first place John was lent a bike by a friend of theirs and Mrs Quinn happened to mention that they wanted to sell it so of course I said I would have it for Keith. They next day she said I could have it and Harry could clean it up for Keith's birthday. I asked her again about it on Thursday and then she said they had paid for the bike and as they couldn't get one yet for John they wanted to keep it until they could although it was too small for John. She calmly said they could no doubt sell it if I didn't want it. It's very unlike them, I thought, and it made me a bit disappointed in her. Now I wonder if they will knock anything off for John's wear.

Sheila took Colin down the garden path after the party and I asked her if he was her young man and she said 'No, my daddy is' She made me laugh yesterday. Bernice was holding the door so she couldn't get in. She was mad when she did get in and said to Bernice 'Now you go out and see how you likes it' When I went up to see how they were one night she was asleep but as I tucked the clothes around her, she just lifted her hand up and in a very sleepy voice said T.T.F.N. (Ta Ta for now).  I haven't heard how Mrs. Woodcock is getting on yet apart from her son having arrived alright. I see Sid Banyards brother Harold has been wounded (In France I think).

Michael is more like you than ever now he has his hair cut short. He seems a bit off colour. He hasn't had any dinner today and that's unusual. The rest of us are alright  but we are still waiting for summer weather. I have been waiting to get your letter to see if you had the photo yet but it didn't arrive until today, Wednesday and I see you haven't had them yet.

Well love a third of your letter was the same as the last one as you had told me about Frank and Arthur then. Are you still pally with Cpl. Dickens ? It will be nice to have someone from home with you. I had a letter from Gladys yesterday. I am sorry to say Tom has been wounded and is now in England. He has been wounded in the right groin just over a week ago but Gladys doesn't know yet where he is or if his wounds are bad or not as she has not had an official notice but a letter from Tom. 

She says he sounds cheerful so we will have to hope it is not too bad for the lad. I went to see her yesterday but she was out. I bet she hardly knew what she was doing. I'll let you know how she is in the next letter. Winnie and her sister Dolly came to see me after school yesterday. The kiddies had a good time together and we had a good old chin wag. I haven't seen Bernice since Sunday. It's been very cold again this morning and we have had quite a lot of rain that was badly needed. The lawn at the back had almost gone..

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